Personalised T Shirts Make Ideal Customised Gifts
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Personalised T Shirts Make Ideal Customised Gifts

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Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift or a Christmas present or you want a little treat for yourself or for a friend or family member, personalised t-shirts can make great gift ideas. You can choose the basic colour of the t-shirt and then add text or you can even upload a photo which is then added to the front of the t-shirt. The text and photo that are used are chosen by you which means that you can opt for any design or any sentiment that you wish.

The choice of photos that you use on customised clothes will help you customise the gift exactly how you want it. You can choose a favourite photo belonging to the recipient and crop it however you like. You can use family photos, holiday snaps, or pictures of the recipient when they are younger. You can even create a collage of pictures, save this as an image file, and then upload it to create personalised t-shirts that will really have an impact on anybody that sees them.

If you’re planning a stag or hen party then you can have personalised t-shirts created that include the name of the stag or hen. You can add a date and even the location of the party. It’s possible to include up to three short lines of text and you can add whatever text you like to create the perfect custom look.

Looking for a unique way to celebrate somebody’s graduation? You can add the name of the graduate, the date they qualified, and the qualification they got to create a unique present that they will really cherish and wear with pride. Corporate t-shirts are a great way to promote a message or they can be used to encourage teamwork during team building exercises.

The greatest feature of personalised t-shirts is that you can customise them however you like by adding up to three short lines of text. You can choose the background colour, the colour of the text, and even the font that is used to make the message really stand out how you want it to.

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