Pine Furniture That Can Surpass your expectations
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Pine Furniture That Can Surpass your expectations

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Pine furniture is an exceptional choice for those who love wooden furniture but cannot really afford the more expensive varieties such as oak, mahogany or cherry. However, pine wood furniture still offers the same elegance and a good durability that cannot be provided by cheaper woods. The softness of pine wood to certain extent also allows you to have beautiful carvings and exquisite woodwork, without really spending a lot on the craftsmen. Stunning dining tables, beds and dressers can all add a rustic charm to your house without emptying your pockets.

You can go for Pine furniture that blends the elegance of wood with the traditional look and feel of metal. Solid pine that has been received from sustainable forests is used by most of the reputed manufacturers. Besides, good quality pine products come with a coating of wax. This distressed wax finish enhances the beautiful grain existing in solid pine bringing out the beauty to a great extent. Black polished or antique looking studs of metal or wood are used commonly with pine tables and beds to enhance the characteristic elegance even more.

Pine furniture can be designed based on your preferences. For example, you can get the royal look, the heritage look, the simple look or the sophisticated look based on what makes you comfortable and feel at home. The chest of drawers, wardrobes, armoires and beds come with traditional designs. You can go for specially engraved detailing on the furniture that adds that extra beauty to these furniture items. Dovetail joints are also used in most cases, so that the pine tables and dressers give you the durability that you seek, especially when there is excessive usage of these items. Whether it is a triple wardrobe, a chest with 5 drawers or a bed with 2 side tables, pine with the traditional styling and hand waxed finish can have an exceptional charm.

You can go for entire bedroom sets of pine when you want a reliable blend of rustic, countryside beauty along with robustness. Dowel pine drawer stops, wooden drawer runners, steel or brass tinted handles, plywood back boards, studs and hinges are some of the elements added to the furniture to provide the extra resilience and strength. Solid Pine furniture with a beautiful grain structure can make the overall space look pretty. Arched wardrobes, bedside cabinets and chests and nested tables all made of pine can lift the whole look of the room.

Pine furniture can also be good when you want sophistication with creamy white or satin feel. Pine products can be painted with a brilliant white, the glossy finish relaxing you every time you look at them. Whether it is your bedroom or the kids’, pine items with their finish and rigid assembly inspire confidence. Stained, natural, ivory or white satin finish, are all the options that you have depending on the colours that make you feel good. The smoothness and softness of pine wood is relaxing to the touch and soothing to the eye as well.

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