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Playing your favorite game online

Published by: Liza (18)
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We can all agree that there are several things we can point out that make playing casino gives over the internet different and more convenient than going to a regular brick and mortar casino.

For starters, you have to physically be at the casino to play, which usually means travel expenses, hotel reservations, taking time for a vacation and all of this just to get you inside the casino lobby. Truth of the matter is that even with all of the above that doesn’t mean that the game you want to play will be available, or even at the main floor at all.

The first scenario is not that bad, let’s say you walk to the machine you want to play just to find out that someone else is playing Cleopatra slots, you have a waiting game in your hands. But what if they removed the game all together? Brick and mortar casinos, unlike their virtual counterparts like Cool Cat are always looking for ways to get the most out of their limited real state, so they have to change things around in order to get the most profit out of every game they are featuring.

On the virtual world, things are different and because real state is not really an issue in terms of which games to feature, you can always find your favorite ones, like Cleopatra slots ready and available whenever you want to play. In fact, Cool Cat Casino has a collection of online casino games that is growing more and more with every new item that is released.

And as an online casino they even take pride on their collection to, they are so proud of it that they even offer free online casino games.

In the most simplistic way, playing for free means that you are not risking your own money to try a game, and since you are not, then no matter the outcome, your balance will remain untouched, win or lose.

They way casinos do free online casino games is by giving player the alternative to log in using what they call “fun“ or “play“ money and then giving a set amount of this currency to their users. This means that as long as you use it, you can play whatever games you want, for as long as you want, and you won’t be touching your balance.

This is particularly useful for new players that want to try out the different games the casino is offering, but it also works great for user that have been around for a while and will like to try some new releases or other items they have never used before.

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