Popular Tea-Time Indian Snack
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Popular Tea-Time Indian Snack

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Tea is an aromatic hot beverage that is very popular and widely consumed drink in the world. In India, tea is commonly consumed as breakfast and evening drink. Mostly during evening time people sit together with family or friends and enjoy a little sip of hot tea with some delicious Tea-Time Indian Snack. Wherever you go in India, evening Tea-Time Snacks are always loved and admired. Some of the Tea-Time Snack are dry and can be kept for a longer time at home, hence, many people takeaway food and enjoy those later with tea. Like other Indian foods, Tea-Time Indian Snack is also very popular in Bracknell. And it made a vital space in Bracknell Foods list. Many family restaurants in Bracknell which are especially popular for authentic Indian food in Bracknell also serve various types of popular Tea-Time Indian Snack. Some Indian restaurant in Bracknell also provides Indian food takeaway Bracknell. Now you may wonder, what are those Tea-Time Snacks which are widely loved by Indians with a cup of evening tea? So the popular Tea-Time Indian Snacks are: Bhujia: Bhujia is a crunchy and lightly spiced which makes tea time more delightful. It is mostly made with refined wheat flour or potatoes. Fafda: It is a traditional snack of Gujarat. It is very delicious in taste and is loved by all. It looks rectangular in shape and yellowish complexion. Mixture: Mixture is a combination of different ingredients together. Mixtures basically come in various taste and flavors such as plan, salty, spicy, sweet and sour etc. It is very delicious and is a very common tea time snack. Samosa: Samosa is potato stuffed crispy fried dough, which I best enjoyed with tea. It generally has a triangular shape. Pakora: Pakora is a homemade, snack that is loved by all age group people. Creative pakoras are made by experimenting with different ingredients in the batter and veggies. Vada Pav: Vada Pav is a prominent street food from Mumbai. It is a deep-fried spicy potato patty stuffed in Pav. It is also called Indian Burger. Namak Para: Namak para/nimki/ nimkin/ namkin are crunchy savoury snack. It is ribbon-like strips of pastry delicately seasoned with ajwain and cumin seeds in oil or ghee. Queen’s Kitchen is one of the popular family restaurants in Bracknell which serves all types of Indian food in Bracknell UK and they also make available takeaway food Bracknell. If you are planning for any tea-time snack or Indian food takeaway Bracknell and thinking about an Indian restaurant near me, then contact us right away – best Indian restaurant in Bracknell.
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We at Queen’s Kitchen, serve Authentic Indian cuisine, prepared with touch of tradition & culture. We use traditional herbs & spices used across various regions of India. Our restaurant serves quality food and best service. Our Chefs are from the Indian sub-continent with vast experience in the food Industry across various parts of globe. Our restaurant’s warm ambience and quick service has always provided good custoimer satisfaction and we can guarentee the great Indian food taste in Bracknell.
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