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Power Choice for Rc Trucks

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The field of hobby grade rc vehicles is so vast with an almost infinite number of modifications and versions available in various power, shapes, speed and size.  The type of power source is one choice that affects the type of model a hobbyist chooses. One should have a clear idea of the pros and cons of using each power source in rc trucks. Electric battery is the simplest source of power for rc vehicles for those hobbyist who just starting out in the field. Electric power sources are primarily of three types, namely: lithium polymer cells, nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH). The advantage of using battery as sources of power for rc vehicles is they are easily replaceable and pluggable. Batteries are easily recharged using an external charger hook that is easily connected to external power source. This saves for opening of fuel tank in nitro and gasoline trucks.

A person should make sure the batteries are fully charged before venturing out to drive electric trucks. Otherwise, the batteries are will not be able to be charged quickly in case they run empty. A fuel tank for nitro or gasoline rc vehicles is easily filled with fuel ready to run. Electric trucks use different type of motor that provide power: brushless motor and brushed motor. Brushless motor perform better but are expensive. Brushed motors are cheaper, easy to find but compromise on performance. People who have grown enough in the filed of electric rc trucks decide to leave and go for fuel powered engine trucks. Nitro rc vehicles are the most common fuel remote control vehicles. They use nitro fuel.  The engine of a nitro truck has similarity with that of a real vehicle engine. They are based on spark plug internal combustion engines but simplified and miniaturized in size.

Nitro fuel consists of multiple chemicals including methanol, nitro methane and synthetic /castor oil. Nitro rc trucks have a much simple construction and design due to the simple operation of the engine. Hence, these toy vehicles are much cheaper compared to gas powered ones.  Limitation for nitro trucks is the fuel costs more compared to the gas. One spends a lot of money on fuel over a longer time for a very active driver. Smaller models are more powered with nitro engines. Giant rc trucks are gas powered. Highly professional drivers competing prefer nitro trucks because of speed they offer. Gas powered rc vehicles are has a wide customer base. Gasoline fuel is a mixture of a gasoline and oil.  Many people prefer gas powered rc vehicles because they need much less maintenance and cleaning. They are therefore more dependable and reliable compared to nitro trucks.

Gas powered trucks cost more on time of purchase but are but cost limitation is only on time of purchase. Gasoline fuel is cheaper compared nitro fuel and electric power which makes gas trucks equivalent in cost over the long run. Gas and nitro powered trucks do not present major heating problems because they have capability of being air cooled. They are therefore able to drive over long periods without breaks.

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