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Prepare Yourself in Competitive Exams CBSE NCERT

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No amount of preparation has made it sufficient to make the challenge lighter or the examination a bit easier. The bar of qualification every time is raised and set higher to make it unachievable. The unachievable bar confronts the qualifier to have left something still to be learnt and the candidates who have not qualified to prepare better in their next attempt.

Competitive exams, including CBSE exams, and NCERT exams requires preparation for hours, for days and for months before the confidence to face the ensuing exam comes in. Preparation requires understanding the rules of the game, i.e the examinations, thoroughly. First of all working hard on the topics that are likely to be covered in the examination is important. After knowing the topics, a clear differentiation of important areas of the subject matter should be marked out. Difficult areas at individual level and those important of the subject matter should be worked upon. The first step of the process for preparation has begins.

Once the areas where efforts have to be focused are identified, a plan of study should be developed. A day to day schedule of preparation should be drawn to cover the topics, methodically. Each subject and specific areas should be given appropriate amount of time. For example, when studying for science stream you have to allocate more time to practice maths, physics, and chemistry problems or pratise drawings. Similarly, in commerce stream, accountancy and economics will demand allocation of more time for practice than other subjects of the stream. That can make difference to your plan and help focus efforts.

After having worked out the right plan to prepare for the examination stick to the schedule. Work hard to understand the topics and subject matter on the first hand. Seek expert guidance or reference resources to clarify and put extra efforts to overcome difficult subject areas. Understand the marking scheme and find marks allotted to each topic. Be aware of the moderation rules of the examination. Allot adequate time for the topics and prepare accordingly to achieve better time management results. Finally, time management abilities come in handy during course of examination. That is the final result of the final plan.

A few tens of lakhs of candidate or students appear in every competitive examination. So is it true in case of CBSE exams and NCERT exams. You have to compete with this large number of candidates to qualify. You have to stand out among them to qualify in the exam. Only that extra qualification can get you admission into a few seats available. You should be prepared to the edge to appear in the exams. You have to be among the top few hundreds to qualify finally to get a seat or admission.

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