Process mapping powerful method to recognize the real Performance
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Process mapping powerful method to recognize the real Performance

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Process mapping is the step-by-step explanation of the movements taken by staffs as they use a complete set of inputs to produce a definite set of outputs. The resulting process maps represent the inputs, the performers, the sequence of actions the performers take, and the outputs of a work process in a medium or flowchart format, typically combining both words and simple visuals. The process maps may also comprise the lapsed time essential to achieve each step, the feedback the performers receive, circumstances of work, significances, and other elements.

Applications of Process Mapping in Performance:

Performance and Cause Analysis: Process mapping can be a great tool for both classifying performance enhancement requirements and determining the fundamental reasons of performance issues. Once a process is mapped, it is easy to spot dismissals, errors, insufficient work support, useless communication and workflow, and other problems that obstruct the performance of work.

Job Reporting:

Process mapping can be an outstanding data gathering technique for classifying job responsibilities and tasks because in defining a work process we are labeling the precise movements each person takings. It also offers a comprehensive view of work, so we see each employee’s work in the perspective of the complete workflow and connections with others rather than only studying the effort of one person at a time.

Proficiency Modeling:
process mapping also offers an effective method of data collection for proficiency modeling. The each element labeled in the process map as a framework for proficiency identification. After the process map is finished, a small group of top players classifies the competencies required for each element.

Instructional Requirements Analysis:
A process map can be an excellent approach to identifying the content that should be included in an instructional course, manual, or job aid intended to help workers execute a process. The detailed step-by-step descriptions included in process maps provide a clear and concise blueprint for content. As a quick overview of a process, the maps also provide a handy job aid for employees.

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