Prodeck has a selection of superior side gates perfect for outdoor application
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Prodeck has a selection of superior side gates perfect for outdoor application

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---Prodeck UK will erect superior solutions to turn your outdoors into a great outdoors. As a leading gate, fencing, pergola and decking manufacturer and installer we have a wide selection of products. From wooden side gates to field gates and elegantly crafted pergolas our superior products are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional and durable.

Based in Torquay, South Devon we have supplied side gates, and other gating and garden decoration solutions, to customers all across the country. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service which is why we offer a complete manufacturing and installation service across all of our range of products. Whether it’s a simple DIY deck kit or a multi-level garden decking installation Prodeck’s skilled team of dedicated professionals can bring your vision to life.

Here at Prodeck you can be assured that all our products are manufactured from the highest quality Redwood timber. Whether you have chosen one of our gates, or pergolas for a multi-million pound show home, or a simple outdoor decking for those summer soirees, you can be sure that each of our products are finished to the highest possible standards.

With a diverse selection of side gates we’re sure to have the solutions for you. Indeed we’re also able to offer a completely bespoke service for all of our customers. All of the gating solutions we offer have structured graded (C16) framework and a nominal nineteen millimetre PEFC certified cladding. This produces a long lasting, solid solution for any property. Our Feather Edge side gates are one of the most popular side gates that we offer. Combined treated feather-edged boards, mounted on a structural brace these gates personifies style, strength and durability.

For a look at the complete range of side gates, or indeed any of the superior products that we offer, then come and visit us online at:

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At we have the most widespread and diverse collection of highly desirable side gates which will satisfy all requirements! You cannot go wrong with our top notch wooden side gates!

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