Promotional Pens, Engraved Pens- Do Engraved Pens Make Practical Promotional Pens?
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Promotional Pens, Engraved Pens- Do Engraved Pens Make Practical Promotional Pens?

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Generally, promotional pens are on the cheaper side, with logos and sometimes contact information for a business on them.  They come in blue or black and in a variety of styles, but typically even the nicer looking promotional pens are not of the highest quality. Promotional pens are almost always made out of plastic. For this reason and more, engraved pens do not really make great advertising tools.  Engraved pens have to be made from metal in order to be engraved, this makes them more expensive.  Also, engraved pens are harder to read when the print gets smaller, making it difficult to fit logos and contact information on the pen.

Depending on the service and the clientele, it is possible that engraved pens would make a good choice for promotional pens, though this is very unlikely.  The circumstances would have to be specific to make engraved pens cost effective as promotional pens.  A very exclusive, higher class business, for example, might wish to use more elegant engraved pens as promotional pens in order to set themselves apart as an exclusive business.  As they would be advertising to a select few and not trying to get the word out in mass, it could be feasible to put information typical of promotional pens on engraved pens.  An example of this could be a country club or a spa that caters to celebrities.   Basically somewhere that only those desired as clients would come into contact with the pens anyway.

More common businesses that use promotional pens as advertisement are banks, hospitals, and just about any other business that wants to get the word out about their business while giving their clients something in return.  For these, engraved pens given as rewards to employees could do double duty as promotional pens by adding promotional information to the engraving.  Since few are purchased, the cost would not be as high, and employees could show off their engraved pens received as a reward, thus turning them into promotional pens as well.  Though not promotional pens in the traditional since, they would accomplish the same purpose.

For the most part, it is not efficient to use engraved pens as promotional pens.  They are more expensive and it would be difficult to get enough readable information on engraved pens.  The monotone nature of engraved pens also lends to them not being great promotional pens, as promotional pens should be eye catching.  This makes plastic pens in bright or bold colors the much better choice. Visit Site:

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