Psychological Errors Women Often Have in Job Application
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Psychological Errors Women Often Have in Job Application

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Gender equality is strongly recommended in the society, but it seems to be impossible in workplace. Women are often weaker than men, which is not only the innate differences but also the problems women often have in job application. Here, I will list the psychological errors women often have.

Error One: Do not believe they are good enough. Some ladies may have relatively high requirements on themselves, and those outstanding women may even have low estimation on themselves.

Error Two: Do not highlight their experience and skills. Many women only list their work experience in their resume, but they do not describe their technical levels or experience gained from the previous work in detail.

Error Three: Only wait for recruiters to call them. Usually, women should always keep telephone contact with the relevant department of recruitment and provide your own current situation to them until they reject you officially.

Error Four: Avoid talking about salary, benefits and working conditions. If you want to get higher salary but do not want to lose the job, you can put forward your requirements to them. Remember that, if you are sure to get this job, the right of negotiation is owned by you.

Error Five: Make understatement on the knowledge you acquire. The ability is much more important than the real experience. You can say that you almost can do everything, but the effect is that you could always learn new things.

Error Six: Do not ask for trial period. If you have no access to the job but you really need it, you can askfor an opportunity of probation. In this way, you could gain good work experience; when they have another position, they will think of employing you.

Error Seven: Repeat making the same mistake in interview. Women should admit their mistakes sincerely and tell yourself that you have tried your best. In the next interview, do not make the same mistakes. If you are not employed by the company, it is better to ask for the reason. If you know more about your shortcomings, you could improve your ability in job application.

If you could grasp the above points in job application, I think that women could make up the disadvantages in job application.

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