Pure Residential Company, an introduction
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Pure Residential Company, an introduction

Published by: Astrid Taylor (23)
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An estate agency is an organisation that orchestrates the selling, buying, renting and management of property or estates. Pure Residential Company is estate agency of the Norfolk area. Since the times that man had learnt to build a house, there has been also the selling, buying or the renting of it. The Pure Residential Company ensures that the customers of both the sides i.e. the seller and the buyer, are at profit and are satisfied with the deal.

About the company

The Pure Residential Company believes in aesthetics that will ensure the sale process to be smooth and hassle free. The organisation has successful businesses in North Norfolk and Norwich. Though there are a lot of established real estate agencies in the markets, the organisation is still the best estate agents of Norwich/ North Norfolk area.

The company offers the best marketing strategies to the customers so that they can provide the vendors with a number of eligible clients who will be interested to invest in the property. The company opts the two-fold method of tradition and contemporary for success and customer satisfaction. On the one hand, the company ensures that the clients have latest information about the status of their property while search engine optimisation drives more new vendors. A customer help desk, rational valuation, and guidance during negotiations are some of the added benefits that the company provides the customer with. The interested clients can also have an online tour of the property.

The company hires trained and experienced professionals who can handle all types of situations. The estate agent is always present during the visits, so that they can list the pros and the cons of the property. A photograph may not be able to do so. The company also makes sure that any doubts of the consumer is cleared which the client was unable to answer.

The company is situated on the Westwick Street. It also provides parking space. The office environment may look demanding, but the organisation believes in providing a relaxed homely atmosphere to the client.

The company also enlists the properties that are on sell on Right Move so that buyers can have a brief knowledge about the area and also about the property. The current rates of the property are also written for the customer to be able to choose as per their budget.

They also have an office on Fakenham, Oak Street.

Pure Residential was started by the Centre Hotel of bed and breakfast. It is an organisation that deals with residential properties for sale in Norfolk.

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