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Put some Zip into your Mobile Marketing

Published by: Marvin Yakos (13)
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Dramatic changes in local businesses advertising and evolving consumer habits can no longer be ignored. Almost every person has a cell phone and their perpetual accessibility has thoroughly changed the way we communicate and do business. Technology now advances daily and one of the hottest new trends is advertising by mobile marketing with is highly interactive, simply measured and almost instantaneous facilityfor communication. Custom-made messages are sent to the cell phones of a target audience, who are ready to react or reply to a business offer. Not only are the benefits of text marketing fast, but the process is highly effective and one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available.

My Zip offers a bundle of affordable and highly effective advertising services, including mobile marketing, which can be purchased separately, or as part of My Zip’s comprehensive“Buy Local” ZipTag Program. My Zip’s do-it-yourself text message solution offers both interactive and broadcast text messaging. Mobile text marketing is an excellent way for any business on a restricted budget and with time constraints to advertise directly to a targeted audience. Text messages can be delivered to a large range of cellphone consumers. Text messages are created to be quick and are more likely to be acted upon than any other advertising campaign. Mobile marketing makes it possible for local businesses to send out text messages and attain a large demographic of consumers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

This new advertising programis much like online marketing was a decade ago; however, mobile marketing is developing into a very select and profitable channel. My Zip has a wide variety of users, some of which are local business owners, professionals, restaurants, clubs, day spas, service companies, B2B companies, religious organizations, realtors, nonprofits, DJ’s, promoters, schools and other community organizations. Drive more traffic, increase revenue and reward your loyal customers by enrolling them in your own custom coupon or savings club. Instantly send offers, coupons, reminders, incentives, specials, or tailored promotions directly to your customer’s cell phones. For example, text messages are a great way for medical professionals like dentists to remind their patients about their upcoming appointments.

There are over 270 million mobile phones in the U.S. alone and it’s no wonder why mobile marketing is taking off. In fact, the majority of the larger retailers in the U.S. are using mobile marketing in conjunction with traditional advertising. Some of these companies include: Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Taco Bell, AT&T, NASCAR, and Burger King just to name a few.Here are a few key industry facts.

- Over 95% of mobile phones are text enabled
- 77% of U.S. mobile phone users use text messaging
- 123 million people send at least 1 text message per month
- Over 41 million people text daily
- Cell phone users send and receive more text messages than phone calls
- The average age of those using text messaging is 35
- Those under 30 are 4x more likely to respond within minutes to a text message compared to a voice message
- 60% of mobile phone owners say they carry their phones at all times, even inside the home
- Text messages are read 95% of the time and usually within 4 minutes of receipt!
- Mobile Coupon redemption rates are typically higher than 20%. Print and direct mail rarely reach 3% redemption rates.

80% of text messages are read within minutes! With mobile marketing you will be able to reach out to customers that have requested information (this is opt-in marketing) via text messages. My Zip canhelp setup your business with its own unique keyword that you get to choose. Your customers send the keyword via text message and youinstantly reply with your special offer or coupon. Now you have an opt-in database you can send future specials or offers to instantly! Build your list, start your campaigns and grow your business! It’s that easy!

Businesses can simply login to My Zip’s online broadcast center through their internet connected PC or you can send messages directly through your cell phone. Type the message to be sent to your customers and your campaign is just a few clicks away! Within seconds (not minutes) your customers have your message displayed on their phone. This program is part of My Zip’s Buy Local advertising program and has no long-term contracts! You can login anywhere and anytime. You choose the keywords. You build an unlimited customer list and send as many text campaigns as you want.

My Zip truly offers a TURNKEY mobile marketing program for local businesses that is extremely affordable and provides all the support and point of purchase graphic design services for you,including training. A local My Zip Community Specialist is there to help every step of the way with hands-on consultation, covering everything from building your opt-in VIP list to helping you design a successful mobile marketing campaign strategy that makes sense for your business. Users can be up and running within 24 hours.

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My Zip’s carriers include Verizon, Sprint, ATT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, U.S. Cellular and more. Choose your marketing plan and make changes at any time. Build your client list and begin to enjoy more traffic, increased customer loyalty, and above all, more sales. For more information, email info@myziptag.com

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