Rare and Precious Single Malt Whisky
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Rare and Precious Single Malt Whisky

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Single malt whisky is something which is rather rare and precious to all whisky lovers. The blends are smooth and crisp, and the taste is always exquisite. But it isn’t always easy to buy malt whiskey of a certain class from the local liquor shop. Single malt blends are considerably costlier than general blends mass produced for the consumer market. This is what makes the drink unique and niche. The single malts are rare and precious because they are not made from grain spirits collected from various sources. Also, there is a factor of aging and maturing it specially.

A good single malt whisky will set you back anywhere between 50 Pounds to 150 pounds. Some more premium blends are costlier, and even rarer to locate. However, at a good online whiskey shop, you can easily find your choice of drink. You might not have a premium liquor store near you, but a good blend can be at your doorstep if you place the order and pay online – effortless and prompt! This is why many people buy such products online these days, especially people with a rush for time.

If you want to buy malt whisky of the finest quality, you must know a little about single malts. Here are a few facts about this exquisite drink –

Single malts are blended from the finest malted barley grains from a single source. Most ordinary whiskys (mass produced varieties) are blended from grains from various sources around the country. This is what makes single malt so rare and expensive.

At least 5 years of aging is mandatory for a good blend. But there are a lot of tricks to this. A blender will use various kinds of casks, made of various kinds of wood for the aging process. Some premium whiskys are blended in different casks through the process to give a stronger taste and more class.

If you are buyer of malt whisky, make sure that it is aged at least 15 years or more. There is no use spending a pretty penny on something ordinary. While a 12 year scotch is considered fine, only a 15 year aged drink can be considered truly exquisite!

Premium single malt whisky is not only from Great Britain or Scotland. There are great blends that come from America, and even Japan. Experiment a little over time to find more variety. You can always buy the good stuff from an online whisky shop to save trouble.

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