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Ratchet & Clank All 4 One PS3

Published by: Sandra Prior (55)
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If you’ve played Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One in the past you’ve realized that it was and still is the best platforming game around. With lots of shooting and space adventures going on there was no time for multiplayer or friends. This game was enjoyed alone and it delivered. Providing none stop action with flawless detail no gamer could have any reasonable grounds for complaint.

You may have wondered if the series could be improved. It was already perfect and no one would have minded playing a new version based on the same. However, All 4 One has been improved in this latest release. Multiplayer and co-op are now present and provide an awesome new challenge to this wonderful series. Fans will be amazed at the powerful features added to the gameplay.

Ratchet and Clank are disappointed in their heroic life and want to settle down to a more relaxed and mundane life. Old age is catching up, and the death defying stunts of the past is taking its toll, both mentally and physically. A new threat is emerging and the two heroes together with Dr Nefarious foil the plot, but get drawn into a long battle with alien predators. Now they have no option but to save the universe once again and their adventure takes them to dangerous corners of the world.

This time you can have your friends join in the play, or you can play online with cyber friends and this adds a lot more flavor to the game. The story is filled with humor and some wise cracks that will keep you smiling. You will jump, fight robots, and solve plenty of puzzles on your journey. You will find some enemies can only be defeated with the help of the team and if you tackle them alone, certain death will follow. Some puzzles need a collective effort and individual attempts will surely fail to solve them. Optional levels can be unlocked if you play as a team. The multiplayer mode is therefore essential in this version.

You collect weapons and ammunition, but the RYNO is what you seek and you will wish there were more of it. Using this weapon is the ultimate excitement, but limited to a few short battles. Every crate has to be destroyed, and collecting bolts will assist you to do just that. Some of the weapons seem ridiculous, but they do have a use later in the game.

Throughout the game each player is graded according to his/her performance and this encourages each player to do better. If more than one player attacks the same target, it is decimated by an overload of bullets resulting in the sound and graphics to explode in a frenzy of excitement.

With up to a maximum of four players you may find the screen too crowded and the mayhem too overwhelming. Two players slow down the action and some players may prefer a bit more sanity. Sharing an afternoon with one close friend is also more satisfying than having your living room crowded with too many noisy guys around.  Someone may call the cops and ruin the fun.

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