Reasons For Mercury Filling Removal
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Reasons For Mercury Filling Removal

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There are several reasons why patients might consider mercury filling removal. There is some concern that the potentially damaging nature of mercury can lead to health problems even in the small concentration it is found in fillings. Silver fillings are also more obvious and considered less aesthetically pleasing than white composite fillings. Regardless of the reason you are considering mercury filling removal, it is important that you choose a competent, skilled dentist with access to the appropriate tools and equipment.

Mercury fillings are made up of a mixture of elements including both silver and mercury. Mercury is considered to be a dangerous metal and even small amounts are considered dangerous when consumed. Some patients have complained of mercury poisoning symptoms and have found that mercury filling removal has helped to alleviate such symptoms. It is still considered safe practice to apply fillings containing mercury but those with concerns over this dangerous toxin can pay to have them replaced.

Silver fillings are highly noticeable in the mouth, especially against the porcelain colour of teeth. A single filling near the back of the mouth may not be immediately evident but fillings nearer the front of the mouth or in greater quantity are easier to spot. This can cause self consciousness and even a lack of confidence. With mercury filling removal it is possible to win back your confident smile.

Whether you’re wary of the health risks or you want a whiter, more natural smile, mercury filling removal can help. The silver coloured fillings are removed and replaced by white, composite fillings. These do not contain harmful mercury and they are designed to have the same colour as your teeth so they are considerably less evident in the mouth.

Mercury filling removal should be done safely to ensure that dust and debris from the mercury fillings are not consumed by the patient. Equipment like clean up aspirators and efficient suction systems will help a professional dentist to remove amalgam fillings quickly, safely, and comfortably. This prevents airborne infections and pollutants from spreading which helps ensure that the patient and the dental staff are safe during the procedure.

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