Reasons Why Golf is the Best Sport
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Reasons Why Golf is the Best Sport

Published by: Carly Odgers (21)
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Arguments all over the world take place every day over which sport is the best with everyone believing their sport is the best of them all. According to the Spirit of Golf Foundation, golf has been played for at least 400 years, and it all began in Scotland and spread to England. Today, golf is a famous sport across the globe. Besides being renowned for bringing people together, golf is an energetic sport that is suitable for all ages. Here are a few reasons why golf in Perth is the best sport Golf is good for your health Do you know playing golf is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise? Yes, it brings numerous physical and mental health benefits as well. Swinging the golf club helps build muscle and strengthens your core. Besides, if you pull or carry your golf bag instead of opting for the buggy, you will be getting an even better workout. You can pick your golf bag and take a walk on the golf. Walking increases your heart rate, and it helps to lower your risk of heart disease, and also prevent chronic diseases like type2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Reduce the stress level Golf is an excellent sport that is known for being a pastime that alleviates stress. The beautiful countryside and fresh airs are part and parcel of this wonderful game that helps to release endorphins, so people who play golf feel happy, relaxed, and stress-free. Golfers live longer Playing this wonderful sport is good for both your body and mind. Yes, it is true that playing golf helps to increase your life span! Recent research found that golf can increase your life expectancy by up to five years. Golf can improve the quality of life by alleviating stress in those extra years you are gaining. Make new friends The golf courses in Perth are the perfect spot to make new friends and strengthen old ones. When you join a friend for 18 holes, you are guaranteed three to four hours to spend with him. You can meet someone new, socialise, share a tea time, and spend the afternoon getting to know about them. It’s Fun Do you want to have fun with your kids on the weekend? Well, challenge them across mini golf in Perth, and it is sure that they will have an absolute fun and blast.
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