Recent Changing In DOJ Rules for Us Online Casino
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Recent Changing In DOJ Rules for Us Online Casino

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The recent change by the DOJ in the law for online gambling now successfully allows certain US states to let online gambling companies to provide their services in US soil. While a good percentage of Americans already play casino games online at the top us casino sites on the web, they will find themselves really happy to know that this is now legal and that they will no longer feel strapped for cash especially if they happen to win big at the casino this 2012, as some may have stated in their resolutions. The states that are taking in this initiative are doing so in order to accept tax money that will help them develop their infrastructure further and make all kinds of progress for which money is necessary.

The new interpretation of The Wire Act of 1961 was just revisited so that lottery tickets could be sold online at states like New Jersey and NY. This is a great advantage to big us online casino firms that are already established in Las Vegas and have been for decades. These big players will now get the chance to participate for a piece of the pie of the online gambling industry which has made history in the world of gaming in the last decade. Although a a few states are not taking this change as a free pass for gambling, some have decided to integrate it already to their menu of attractions.

For casino company owners, there is not much change, they seem to have always operated as if this was legal. Having the marketplace now open to compete with this change in the legislation is simply a great opportunity for so many entertainment firms out there. The states of Nevada and New Jersey want, and have fought hard to integrate Us online casino gaming within their borders and want more than just Facebook games. They also want big time companies from across the border to come over and make more tax money available for them.

Do you think this is a good stance to take? Would you like online casinos to operate on your state? What has been your experience with the top us casino sites? Thousands of players across the globe do trust these companies and deposit funds all the time to enjoy their favorite games successfully. They do cash out their winnings all the time without hassles. This has been beneficial for the industry. Having cultivated trust is now paying off.

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