Recipes of Disease Prevention and Health Care in Autumn
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Recipes of Disease Prevention and Health Care in Autumn

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The fall season is the most appropriate time to take tonics, but you should also follow certain principles. If taking the wrong tonics, you not only cannot prevent disease and preserve health, but also will get into sick. Here, herbalist doctors recommend several best recipes of disease prevention and health care.

1. Spinach porridge

Diet Recipe: 100 grams of rice, appropriate amount of spinach

Production Methods: First, put the spinach into boiling water for a few minutes; take out and cut thin; add rice porridge to boil.

Usage: take it when it is warm, one time in the morning and one in the evening.

Consumption effect: unreasonable delay rule will be astringent, hemorrhoids thin and chronic illness; suitable for blood deficiency and old age constipation string.

2. Mung bean red dates and porridge

Diet recipe: green beans 100 grams, 15 jujubes, the right amount of brown sugar.

Production Method: wash green beans and red dates clean, put them into wok, add water, cook until the beans mushy, and then add brown sugar

Usage: free food

Consumption effect: clearing away summerheat, invigorating spleen and liver; suitable for heat stroke, anemia, fatigue syndrome, scurvy, peptic ulcer, chronic hepatitis, malnutrition, edema and other diseases.

3. Banana and mung bean porridge

Diet recipe: green beans 60 grams, 2 bananas

Production methods: first, remove the handle and the pedicle of banana and then wash clean; chopped banana peel; quickly whipped in home juicer, juice the enemy cup spare filter. After scouring the mung bean, put them into casserole, add water, after boiled remove from heat, let it cool, take the green bean soup, transferred to banana juice, mix well and serve.

Usage: drink every morning and evening

Consumption effect: clearing heat and eliminate trouble; diuretic antihypertensive effect; Suitable for heat disease, anorexia, malnutrition, edema and other diseases.

4. Bitter gourd shredded pork

Diet recipe: pork 50 grams, 300 grams bitter gourd, right amount of spices.

Production Method: cut pork into shreds, add rice wine and starch to mix well, stir into the hot oil wok to fry and then put into dish; leave a little base oil and put into strips of bitter gourd, add salt and pour the pork to stir fry ; finally, add sugar, MSG slightly fried.

Usage: free food.

Consumption effect: clearing away summerheat, eliminate dampness appetizer, invigorating kidney and spleen; suitable for fever, red eyes, sores, dysentery.

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