Recognizing a Great Graphic Specialist for Photoshop Clipping Path
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Recognizing a Great Graphic Specialist for Photoshop Clipping Path

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A specialist works on clipping path with ingenuity. For example it can be a challenge to save an EPS with a clipping path file. The problem here is low resolution that causes the flatness in the tool. Hence if the images are saved in TIFF the required effect is missing. One way to get out of this problem could be to (if using illustrator CS2), one option is to use the link palette for re-linking.

Uncheck the check box that says ‘link’. The EPS file will now be embedded. A specialist will also choose raster settings to 600 dpi to get reasonable results. When an experienced designer follows this clipping path the edges will be soft and not hard. The entire procedure also helps to export the layer from Photoshop. Apart from EPS files putting it all in a PDF format in high resolution is also acceptable. Another element that can be used is cropping the images if required. A simple rectangular clip can be created with In design. A PDF with text and visuals can be simply made easy for the client’s presentation.

Clipping path is also used for removal of background. There are several reasons why this is needed. A specialist knows how to navigate his way with this problem easily. While editing pictures removing background may use basic clipping path or even complex depending on the requirement.  A graphic designer can apply an embedded path also.

When a transparency needs to be created this is a good way.  Magic wand and magnetic lasso are the best Photoshop tools that can be used for achieving this end with alpha channels. This is essential for the final finishing touch to the image. The main need for use of embedded path is for keeping the essence of the original image. It is the closest to the real one, which will be visually acceptable. An addition of 3-d effect make give the entire picture a different look altogether. The additional use of text adds to the entire layout. Professional graphic designers work on such layouts for ad agencies, newsprint, magazines, and even posters. They are able to create the magic with the resources on hand. 

Clients who are looking for specific graphic designers need to approach a company that has professionals working. With a large team, they are able to provide the best deals on digital image editing.

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