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Remove your hunger with Sunrise Namkeen

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Many people live in India, they like to eat different tastes.For people to erase their hunger with a delicious flavor we are manufacturers of tasty snacks and namkeen. You can eliminate your hunger with a new and delicious namkeen flavor. We provides you healthy and tasty snacks for your hunger, every one can enjoy delicious namkeen. We are the namkeen manufacturers and namkeen suppliers for your evening snacks time. For your Any Time Hunger we have 4 Yummy and tasty namkeen flavor, you can enjoy it any time any where. Bhavnagri Gathiye : Bhavnagri gathiya, This snacks is famous in Gujrat for their different delicious flavor. Bhavnagri Gathiye Manufacturers in Udaipur provides the same yummy taste in your city with goodness of gram flour. Perfect time to eat this namkeen is your tea time that increase taste of your tea. The taste of celery(Ajvaain)enhances the taste of your namkeen. If you want to try this delicious namkeen then you must try this once. Chana Dal : Chana Dal having crispy, chat-pata taste you can enjoy at any time. Chana dal is healthy because it have too much protein and it is served with tea, cocktail. This namkeen made of highly exported gram and flavor, The healthy and tasty Chana Dal Manufacturers and Supplier in Udaipur making this yummy namkeen for you, You must try it. Cornflex Mixture : Cornflex mixture have sweet and sour taste which makes it the most different from others. The best time to eat this is with your breakfast in the morning. Cornflex mixture gives you strength throughout the day. You can buy this from Conflex Manufacturers in Udaipur . They manufacturers and supplies this morning snacks. Khatta Meetha : Khatta meetha namkeen is most delicious namkeen with mouth watery taste, it has unique sour and sweet taste every one enjoy this yummy namkeen at any time. The kind of namkeen is prepared from quality peanuts, gram flours, mung pulses, salt, spices, edible oil and other basic ingredients. It is an ideal namkeen of sour and sweet flavors, and can be devoured as a tea time snacks. For enjoy this mouth watery namkeen you can contact Khatta Meetha Namkeen Suppliers in Udaipur. Contact Detail : Mob: 9351370616 E-mail: sunrisefood.b@gmail
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