Renting Office Furniture A Cost Saving Solution
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Renting Office Furniture A Cost Saving Solution

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First impressions are crucial in business. When a client walks into your office, he or she instantly forms an opinion of you. This is a natural, human reaction, and failing to put on a “good face” for clients and customers can have a negative impact on your business.

What if you are a new business or new to the area? What if your budget does not allow for new furniture? What if you are in a temporary space and do not want to purchase only to have to move again? Relax; renting office furniture solves these problems while allowing you to create a strong first impression and equally impressive second impressions!

Renting is an excellent choice for any number of situations:

• You are looking for a permanent location.

• Your permanent office is being remodeled, renovated, etc.

• You have a limited budget that doesn’t stretch to cover expensive office furniture.

• You want to treat important clients and customers well.

• You want to supplement the functional furnishings you already have with more stylish pieces.

• You have a special event and need temporary furnishings.

No matter what the reason for renting office furniture, the first step is to decide what you need. Look at your space: desks, chairs, a couch or sofa for the reception area? What will make your office look welcoming and professional while at the same time allowing you to actually work? Do you need workstations that provide privacy and individual space for employees? Or would a conference table and comfortable chairs better suit your office? Do you need to receive clients, customers, or associates? Do you need a reception desk or small lowboy?

Next, look at the image or message you want to convey. Does your work lend itself to a more traditional, solid, stately approach? If so, imposing wood desks and luxurious leather chairs are classic choices. If you need to appear more contemporary, you can opt for more unconventional choices but still functional choices, including bolder colors and textures.

Third, think about how you can cut costs. For instance, instead of having separate desks or tables for each employee or partner, would a conference table work? Would a partner desk work? Instead of several accent chairs, could you use a sofa with a pair of chairs? Instead of a 42 inch LCD TV, could you use a 32 inch model? Get the best you can, but also think about using what you do choose effectively and efficiently.

Finally, think about the comfort of employees and guests. Small touches like artwork, mirrors, and accent pillows help to create a much more inviting space. You will feel more at ease in your office, and customers and clients will respond in kind. A pleasant work environment attracts talented staff, increases job satisfaction, and ultimately improves the bottom line.

Office furniture rental is an ideal way to build a space that you want to work in while helping keep costs down and productivity up. A well-furnished office creates an impression of competency, taste, and professionalism; it’s helpful to conduct a review to see if your office communicates that message.

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