Reusable becomes a way of life start from canvas grocery bags
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Reusable becomes a way of life start from canvas grocery bags

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The likely average length of time a high-density plastic bag will exist on earth is 1,000 years. Producing and recycling paper bags generates significantly more air and water pollution compared to plastic bags. Almost 7 billion paper bags and over 380 billion plastic bags, sacks, and wraps are used every year in the U.S. alone. Buy several canvas shopping bags or use duffle bags that you already own. Most trips to the store require more than one bag. Some environmental organizations push the use of such bags, pointing out that reusable bags can be a small change with a big difference, but the uses of these bags go beyond the benefits to the environment. From an environmental perspective, canvas bags are better choices than paper or plastic bags. Turning to re-usable supplies is viewed as more environmentally friendly than using disposable products, many of which wind up in landfills because a community lacks the ability to recycle them.

Canvas bags  is sturdiness and washability. Canvas grocery bags are much sturdier than plastic grocery bags. As anyone who has had a bag break open in the parking lot knows, it can be very frustrating to lose a batch of groceries to a poorly-constructed grocery bag. Canvas bags can hold much more weight than plastic grocery bags or paper bags, and they can easily be washed in the event of leaks or spills.
Say “no“ to single-use paper and plastic bags. Bring along a reusable bag, reduce waste and help keep our planet clean.
Reusable becomes a way of life with canvas grocery bags.

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I come from china, reusable canvas bags become a way of my life. do it now.

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