Robomaid Cleans and Polishes and Makes Your Home Germ Free
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Robomaid Cleans and Polishes and Makes Your Home Germ Free

Published by: Simantini Sinha (19)
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A Robomaid vacuum cleaner is the answer to your cleaning and sweeping and mopping woes, as it is automatic and completely robotic.

With the hectic and busy life that we live today, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a clean home as well as do the regular job as well. Not that it is impossible, but the immense pressure of such a perfect lifestyle tends to take a toll on mostly the women as it is the women who usually do the household chores. To give rest to the women, Robomaid vacuum cleaner has been invented as it is the women of the house who have to undergo the most amount of stress. Robomaid is a complete robotic vacuum cleaner, with all types of cleaning and sweeping methods, as well as mopping technology.

The first thing that a Robomaid brush kit does is to clean your home speck free. The double brushes make sure that your home is cleaned from every corner. There is the main brush that is attached to the bottom of the cleaner and moves in a helical motion to collect all the dirt on the floor. And there is the side brush that cleans the corners of the walls and the stands of the furniture to give you a complete robotic cleaning. The cleaning of this robotic vacuum cleaner is not just on floor, but also on carpets and rugs. And what is more special about it is that you do not have to move with it if your floor has a carpet on it. Robomaid can climb up to 1.8cms of height, which means it can climb up from the floor to the carpet so that the cleaning is complete and automatic.

The next best thing about it is that this cleaner comes with a mopping attachment that is made of microfiber cloth. This cloth is attached to the bottom of the Robomaid and can be used in both dry and damp state. If there is a small amount of liquid spill on the ground, you can use the mopping attachment as a dry mop to wipe it away. And if you want to polish your floor while sweeping it as well, damp the cloth and use it to polish the floor. This mopping cloth is another reason why people with wooden floored houses trust Robomaid that it will not scratch their floor. The non-scratch method is also there because the wheels of the Robomaid are made of rubber.

The Robomaid features are especially unique, for they make sure that what you get from Robomaid is nothing short of complete cleaning. And to ensure this, the UV lamp in the Robomaid vacuum cleaner is installed for the cleaning of germs as well. When you switch on the Robomaid, while the brush kit cleans the house and the mopping cloth polishes it, the job of the UV lamp is to kill all the bacteria in the area Robomaid cleans.

Robomaid vacuum cleaner cleans with a complete precision and efficiency, and being a robotic and automatic one, it does it all independently.

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