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Rome Tours Bus Tours Guided Tours and Walking Tours

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One of the world’s most visited cities is Rome. Foreign tourists come in large numbers to this city. It is also one of the most important cities in Christianity as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, still lives and resides in this city. Rome is the most sought pilgrimage centre of Roman Catholics. Rome is divided into a number of districts – Historic quarter, Coliseum, Modern centre, Vatican, Nomentano, Esquilino San Giovanni, North centre, Aventino Testaccio and Trastvere.

Rome, the eternal city, is the capital of Italy. There are many tourist attractions in Rome. In fact, Roma holydays get costly during the peak season. It is a pleasant experience to visit this city. To have a memorable and cheap stay in Rome, you must plan your vacation during the off season. You will have a lifetime experience of an ancient civilization. There are various monuments and awesome sites which are one of the tourist attractions.

You can visit Rome by taking various types of tours. Rome tours include private or tailored walking tours, guided tours and bus tours. You can choose the tour that best suits your convenience and need.

Walking Tours In Rome

To opt for a walking tour in Rome, you should have plenty of time to wander around this city. A walk around this city in the early evening will allow you to witness the dusky Italian sunset. A walking tour around the Palentine Hill, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Contantine’s Arch will be an exciting and most memorable experience. You can also take a walk around other famous sights such as Vatiican museum and gardens, the Colosseum and Vatican City.

Bus Tours in Rome

This is the most preferred type of Rome tour. By taking a northern route, you will pass through Piazza del Popolo and the Borghese Gallery. Central part of Rome has the Quirinale which runs alongside the Tiber. Bus tours take all the routes and hence, you will not miss any sight. You can also switch from one bus to another as these buses run alongside each other at various places.

Guided tours in Rome

You can opt for a guide and hear the inside stories and history of important sites and museums. You can have a Italian-speaking guide or a English-speaking guide. There are guides available who speak different languages. You can choose as per your convenience. These guides will show you each and every important site and places of Rome.

Some tourists visit Rome as pilgrims while others visit this city just to have fun with their families and friends. There are several artifacts and historical landmarks that Rome has stored for years. Rome will give you a chance to peek into the ancient civilization. Whatever may be the purpose of your visit, you must decide where to stay. There are Rome hotels, farmhouses and rented flats. All these come in all sizes and price range. You can choose a luxury Rome hotel or a cheap hotel in Rome.

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