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Rune Casting The Future Guide

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Runes are a form of divination based on the ancient runic alphabet used throughout parts of northern Europe and the British Isles from approximately 100 B.C. to 1600 A.D. Also referred to rune casting, runes can be a way of gaining insight and finding guidance.

The Runes are an Oracle. That means that they will not tell you what to do next in your life. What they will do is point out the hidden motivations and inner choices which must be addressed in order to make progress with the situation at hand. Many times the information is quite direct. Sometimes, you have to reflect on what you’ve read in order to fully understand and undertake the solution.

It’s important to note that rune reading is not a form of fortune-telling but are instead a tool for guidance. As with any type of divination, they are a way to work out a specific issue or find an answer to a question. The knowledge and answers that are gained depend much upon the willingness of the rune caster to listen to their inner wisdom, or the wisdom of the divine upon which their spiritual beliefs are based.

As far as modern-day rune casting, much of it is based on various sources such as Egyptian Hermeticism, New Age teachings, classical Occultism and the writings of Runology expert Stephen Flowers. The runes themselves are typically made of wood, stone or clay, often in oval or rectangular shapes. Each piece contains a letter of the rune alphabet, usually in the Elder Futhark version or the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc version, and each of these letters holds a certain meaning. The person then forms an intention for the reading or asks a question, casts the runes and deciphers the meaning of the spread.

The interpretation of rune readings will depend upon the issue for which you’re seeking insight, as well as the positioning of this rune in the spread. Trust your inner wisdom to help you decide which meanings apply to the issue at hand.

Keep in mind that messages contained in your rune spread are not absolute or set in stone. They are simply guidance and a way to examine the cause and effect of a situation, as well as a possible outcome.

Today, rune readings have become one of the more popular divination methods. Not only are they used for divining the future, they are also used in spell work and Wiccan rituals.

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