Running the Race with Nitro RC Trucks
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Running the Race with Nitro RC Trucks

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Racing is considered a game where the objective is to see how fast someone or something can reach to a specific point with the use of a clock and traversing a distance. There are many types of racing from men to horses, cattle, and machineries such as cars and boats. Another form of racing is through eating contests, whether it’s hotdog, fruits or any other kind of food. Not only that, there are also racing contests for toys like those of the nitro RC trucks

The International Federation of Model Auto Racing or IFMAR is an organization where nitro-based RC vehicles are being utilized instead of real cars. That is why many enthusiasts of this kind of toy would take an effort in fixing and replace the engines of their toy truck so they can join the race. It is a fun game for adults.

Speaking of IFMAR, it is an organization created by Ted Longshaw. Longshaw was a professional racer and at the same time an RC entrepreneur. He organized this federation back in 1979. So just when you think that nitro RC trucks racing is only for small time, be ready to stand corrected. This is because the once fragmented governing body of RC racing has become one through the IFMAR. So, wherever you are in the world, there will only be one rule that everybody follows when it comes to RC car racing.

The constitution created by IFMAR has brought sportsmanship and friendship to the once disjointed organizations in RC model racing. The prizes at stake for these nitro RC trucks contestants are big, the reason why nobody backs out and every contestant is very hopeful to win the coveted prize and the magnificent trophy. Winning the race also gives bragging rights and promotes one’s popularity not just of the machines but also of their owners.

The most popular and reigning distinguished racer is Masami Hirosaka. This guy has a world record of 14 IFMAR Championships. Next to him is Lamberto Collari who has 8 individual world championship records and 1 team record of winning. Many others are aspiring to be in their place but so far they are still trying their best. Whatever those two guys do to their cars is a trade secret.

Getting to race in IFMAR has its own qualification. First off the competitor has to be a member of the national body of one of the governing bodies of IFMAR. The competitor has to also contact a body representative who will determine whether he can be qualified to join in the competition or not.

This qualification will not only mean that he can race but that he should also be competent in joining the finals or the World Championship Round. Competence of the driver is not highly required in determining whether he’s in to join or not, as long as he knows how to operate his car and race well. Even in this setting many owners of the nitro RC trucks still practice on operating their toys so they can be qualified to join and they usually start with smaller competitions.

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