SAP- Enterprise Resource Planning
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SAP- Enterprise Resource Planning

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SAP is the German Global software house that was established by five former employees of IBM in 1972, which the intention of providing the customers with the ability to interact with a common corporate database for a comprehensive range of applications however, today the situation is totally reversed as today numerous applications have been assembled and they are being used by IBM, Microsoft etc themselves to run their businesses. Thus today SPA is the most renowned and popular independent software supplier in the entire world. Along with that it is also the world’s largest inter-enterprise software company.

SAP has introduced many different products in the market for small, medium and large scale companies and businesses as well as other major computer or high-tech industries throughout the world. However, the most popular product from among all of the products released is SAP ERP and SAP BO, namely, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning and SAP Business Objects software. This article will deal with the SAP ERP only and explain that how it has been of great help the small and medium sized businesses. The SAP ERP offers different solutions for the business namely, SAP ERP Financials, SAP ERP Human Control Management, SAP ERP Operations and SAP ERP Corporate Services.

The SAP ERP financials does one thing that is ensuring compliance and predictability of business performance. The advantage of this feature is that you can look deeper in to the horizon in to the financial insight across the enterprise and then tighten control over the finances to make sure that no one messes with it and it is used properly. The SAP ERP Operations manages the end to end procurement and logistics in the complete business processes for complete business cycle that takes place and along with that this feature is also used to optimize the flow of the material thus helping you in increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business or company. This feature can also allow you to direct the entire cycle of product development, manufacturing and management and is also capable of delivering higher quality goods thus satisfying the customers and meeting their satisfactions, which in return increases your popularity in the market.

The third solution SAP ERP Human Control Management is helps you in optimizing your HR processes with the help of a complete, integrated and global human capital management solution. This specific solutions works for all type and kind of businesses and companies, hence there is no smaller sub category for the customer to choose from. By using this solution you can certainly increase the potential of your workforce while supporting innovation, flexibility and growth simultaneously. The fourth solution SAP ERP Corporate services basically help you immensely in managing your organization cost intensive corporate functions by supporting and streamlining administrative processes. This service can be used in the areas like real estate, enterprise assets, project portfolios, health and safety compliance, global trade services and many more as it is a complete integrated solution to maximize the precision and control of the system simultaneously.

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