Sedona Arizona Attraction Dahl Di Luca Has You Eating the Good Life
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Sedona Arizona Attraction Dahl Di Luca Has You Eating the Good Life

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Winter has officially arrived and for many, that means it is time to travel in search of warmer weather. We suggest a visit to the Sedona Arizona attractionDahl & Di Luca, which combines beautiful scenery with absolutely exquisite cuisine. Lisa Dahl’s restaurant isan exciting winter dining destination, with mouthwatering Italian tastes and flavors bursting in every bite.

Restaurant owner Lisa Dahl has created wonderfully original and imaginative Italian dishes in the 16 years that Dahl & Di Luca has been operating. In 2002, Lisa started a second restaurant in Sedona called CucinaRustica. Lisa’s recipes have been published in Gourmet, Bon Appetit and Sedona Magazine, as well as numerous blogs and websites. Lisa’s passion and romance for great food dining is at the very core of everything she wants to give to friends, family and customers.

In 2011, Lisa created her own food and romance cooking manifesto called “The Elixir of Life.” In the award-winning volume, Lisa describes her passion for food runs deep.

“We are blessed to have such good food to eat,” she writes in The Elixir of Life’s introduction. I feel fortunate to celebrate the pleasure of food with grace and extreme fortitude. Creating food is my artistic expression and allows me to give back to my fellow man.”

At Dahl & Di Luca, every dish is like being on a glorious food journey. Most patrons start with a delicious appetizer like grilled or marinated Portobello mushrooms, or Warm Seafood Bruschetta, which is made with sautéed prawn and bay scallops in a garlic and champagne bisque served on ciabatta toast points.

In preparing her tantalizing entrees, Lisa says that using a base of good olive oil like Tuscan extra virgin organic olive oil is one of the keys to her success. She uses that oil on most everything. Some of the more popular dinner items at the restaurant include homemade fettuccine with grilled chicken, fresh spinach and mushroom in a delicate alfredo sauce, or if seafood is your preference, the Salmone al Lemoncello is a scrumptious offering of a fresh filet of grilled Scottish salmon, finished in a delightful Neapolitan lemoncello reduction sauce.

For meat lovers, there’s also the amazing MaialeaiFerri, which consists of two scrumptious 7 oz. White Marble Farms pork chops grilled to perfection with grilled asparagus. Or try the Filetto di Manzo, a grilled 7 oz. Black Angus filet finished in a delicate white truffle and gorgonzola sauce.

There’s really no wrong turn at Dahl & Di Luca. With seafood, pasta or meat dishes, everything tastes sensational. Lisa says it’s all about the freshness of the ingredients, and the artistry in the kitchen. I believe it!

For a meal worth telling about for years to come, try Dahl &DiLucaRistoranteItaliano in Sedona, Arizona on your next trip out to the great Southwest.

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