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Sell Your Wow Account Safely Through This Way

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If you are a gamer, it’s pretty much a given that you will eventually get bored with your current favorite game and will want to play a new one. Now, of course, for free games,wow gold, it is easy to try out a new one. However, for games such as World of Warcraft that require you to buy an account, shifting your attention to a new game is hard, since you have already put so much money into it. Fortunately, you can try to sell your account online to recoup some of your investment.

Sell Through Toonstorm
1 Log in to your Wow Armory and update your character in World of Warcraft. Make sure your character is using the best and most unique items that you have. 2 Visit Toonstorm and click on the “Sell Account“ tab. 3 Select the type of account you want to sell, and then fill out the form with details about your account and submit it. You will receive a quote once you submit this form. 4 Use the “Live Chat“ to contact the Toonstorm staff, so your transaction can be finalized if you accept their offer. 5 Scan or get a digital copy of your driver’s license or other valid identification, and send it to Toonstorm for verification purposes.

Sell Through Gamepal
1 Update your Wow character and then visit Gamepal and click on the “Sell Accounts“ tab of their website. 2 Select the type of account you are trying to sell forWorld of Warcraft gold. You will be directed to a price quote form. Enter the required info about the account that you wish to sell on the form. 3 Wait for your quote. The quote will be sent to you via e-mail. A copy of the quote will also be in your Gamepal account user panel. 4 Accept the quote given to you, and send your WoW account information to Gamepal for inspection. 5 Wait for your payment via Paypal, once the information has been reviewed.

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