Several Kinds of Oil Eating Habits Are Likely to be Carcinogenic
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Several Kinds of Oil Eating Habits Are Likely to be Carcinogenic

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Oil is the food that people would eat every day, so its usage is important to our body health. The long time of incorrect using of oil could even lead to cancer. Here are some tips people often notice in oil eating habits.

Do not cook dishes with higher temperature. Many people like to fry dishes when the oil is hot enough to smoke, but this method is not scientific. Hot oil will not only destroy the nutritional content of food, but also produce some peroxide and carcinogenic substances. So, people are suggested to heat the pan first, and then pour the oil to cook dishes to avoid the adverse effect of hot oil cooking.

Take in suitable amount of animal oil. The oil deficiency could cause the insufficiency of vitamins and essential fatty acids, which will affect human health. If people only eat plant oil without animal oil, it is not acceptable. In certain doses, the saturated fatty acids containing in animal oil is beneficial to human body.

Do not eat only one category of oil for long time. Now, it is hard to common families to choose different oils to cook different dishes, but they are suggested to eat several kinds of oils alternatively. There is seldom one kind of oil could solve the problem of all kinds of oil needs.

For people who have abnormal blood lipids and weight, they’d better choose plant oil which contains high monounsaturated fatty acids. On the amount of oil usage, it should also be strictly controlled. People who are normal in blood lipids and weight could take no more than 25g oil, among which polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids are half of each other. The old people and patients of abnormal blood lipids, obesity and relevant disease could only take 20g oil every day.

At present, many oil manufacturers have introduced a variety of health-care edible oil products, such as sunflower oil, peanut oil, sesame oil and corn germ oil. We can choose the suitable oil according to the situation of children and old people in families. However, there is no need to choose too expensive high-end products. Olive oil, pure peanut oil and soybean oil can meet the daily nutritional needs. We can take in the polyunsaturated fatty acids by other means such as nuts. The oil intake should be controlled between 25g and 30g, otherwise it will cause adverse health effects.

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