Sit Idle and Enjoy the Fruits of Others Work
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Sit Idle and Enjoy the Fruits of Others Work

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One day, a man saw a fox that lost legs. Although the fox does not have legs, but it looks ruddy, as if not to worry about food and drink, and its life is good. But how can a fox with no legs catch food? The man was very strange. At this point, he saw a lion ran up dangling from a wolf. The lion hurried swallowed the wolf here, and then left. So the fox immediately ran forward to eat the remaining meat, and filled his belly.

The next day, this was repeated. It turned out that the fox was relying on the remaining meat to feed itself every day. This man was surprised to see this picture, thought: “God is very great. It is so grace to this fox with no legs. As long as I believe in God, I certainly do not worry about my eating and drinking.”

Since then, this person has not done anything, like a piece of wood, waiting for God to reward him with food motionlessly. For several days, God did not give him a grain of rice, and friends and family all have not seen him, since then he had been very thin, only with bones.

When he is about to starve to death, there is a voice coming from the niches, said: “Man, why do you want to eat like fox that eating food residue left by others? You should eat like the lion that you give remaining food to others. We should strive to have the ability to get food, to share with others, do not sit back and wait for others to enjoy the grace. Aspirations of the people themselves laboring to make their lives comfortable and easy, but no aspirations of people rely on others to spit, even let people look down.”

Read this story, I understand that sit Idle and enjoy the fruits of others’ work will only spend your will so that you become nothing. We should create our lives through our own struggle, and share our happiness with others. I think this life is valuable. Although to create our life is harder than to enjoy the ready-made things, as long as we continue to get to learn, we will get a lot of fun and knowledge. Moreover, we cannot starve ourselves.

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