Sleep Apnea can subtract sex from your life
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Sleep Apnea can subtract sex from your life

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Sleep Apnea can subtract sex from your life Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed. Lack of sleep and sleep apnea are certain disorders that can cause severe harm to the body. No doubt, sexual health also goes for a toss. This is a chronic problem that is caused when one might experience difficulties related to breathing while sleeping. These lapses can disrupt the pattern of sleep and make one deprived of adequate sleep. Besides, it can leave one stressed and make them lethargic and sleep during the day. Again there are varied types of sleep apnea that includes obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. Both this sleeping disorders are considered to be affecting the sexual health.

Around 30 million men in USA itself are prone to impotence. Besides 43 % of American women are facing sexual complications. Both in case of men and women, sleep apnea has been considered to be the crucial reason behind these sexual problems. The New York Times has reported stated this fact. Besides it has also been stated that the treatment to these disorders can create an immediate positive effect on one’s sexual health. The hormones and metabolic energy of one is adversely influenced. The reason behind this phenomenon is that testosterone and other sex hormones usually go for an escalating rate during the night hours. Sleep deprivation can lead to stress of varied disorders where Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can be a symptom of the same. Also Dopamine the neurotransmitter is affected in this case.

The absorption of oxygen also signifies the case. In both the cases sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction, there is a lack of supply of blood flow in the body. Sleeping apnea is a common disorder in countries like UK where around 1, 80,000 people face this problem. Similarly, erectile dysfunction is also a prevalent problem that affects scores of men all over the world. We all are aware that sleep is what keeps us going. The body needs sleep to function normally. Besides leading to the loss of libido, it can also create problems like stroke, cardiovascular problems, arthritis and other such health problems. Problems like schizophrenia, insomnia etc has also been leading to sexual hindrances in many.It has also been recognized that doctors have not emphasized the necessity of sleep in the right way. It is necessary that physicians always include questions related to sleep when they have a session with their patients.

We must all personally take special attention in following a specific sleep pattern. A latest research carried on by National Sleep Foundation has mentioned that around 75% of the people respondents have complained of problems related to sleep. Out of them 25 % of them have reported this disturbed sleeping pattern has disrupted their sex life.

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