Smart Tips on Preventing Dental Diseases
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Smart Tips on Preventing Dental Diseases

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There are several different types of dental diseases that can really contribute to poor oral health and a decline in overall health, too. While the most common type of dental diseases  is gingivitis, this is just an early stage of periodontitis, and if left untreated it can rapidly progress into something far more serious.

Learn more about the different types of dental diseases, and some smart tips that you can implement right now so that you can avoid ever contracting them, and so that you can enjoy a healthy and happy smile.

Common Types of Dental Diseases Gingivitis is a mild and rather common form of dental diseases that is estimated to affect nearly 80% of all people on the planet. It is not usually accompanied by any pain, making it hard for people who suffer from it to detect it. It is accompanied by bleeding gums and sensitive gums, but can be corrected with simple dental procedures and proper daily oral hygiene.

More complex dental disease includes advanced gingivitis, which can lead to periodontitis if left untreated and unchecked. This is where the gums are attacked by bacteria and toxins, forming pockets on the gums and causing them to separate from the teeth as the bacteria attack the bones and the supportive tissues, ultimately contributing to tooth decay and tooth loss. Aggressive periodontitis is an aggressive form of dental diseases that is characterized by amilial aggregation and bone decay or destruction.

Chronic periodontitis is the most common form, characterized by gingival recession and bone decay, pocket formation on the gums and chronic inflammation.

Necrotizing periodontal disease is one of the rarer dental diseases and results in, “necrosis of gingival tissues, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone,” according to It’s more common in persons who suffer from autoimmune diseases and disorders.

Smart Tips on Preventing Dental Diseases There are ways to go about preventing different dental diseases. Your first step is found in proper daily oral health care and a strict regiment that includes seeing your dentist at least one time every six months.

What follows are some smart tips on how to avoid contracting dental diseases.

Brush your teeth daily and in between meals for about two minutes each time; try using a sonic rotary toothbrush that is clinically proven to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush

Floss your teeth – look for organic floss that contains antibacterial oils like tea tree oil so that you can more effectively remove tartar and plaque and combat bacteria

Use an antiseptic mouthwash daily, natural products are great, and you can find ones that contain potent antimicrobial essential oils and antioxidants like Coq10 that promote excellent oral health

Avoid consuming too much sugar and eat a balanced and healthy diet

See your dentist every six months for a full checkup and cleaning to detect dental diseases and treat them early or to prevent them from occurring

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