SMS That Really Speaks - Love, Hurt, Forgive, Best Wishes
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SMS That Really Speaks - Love, Hurt, Forgive, Best Wishes

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There are certain SMS topics that we all aware of and we use them often such as the Goodnight SMS, Miss you SMS, Jokes SMS, Cute SMS and many more but do we actually know all the sections of SMS that are listed in a SMS box. I hope all of us are not aware of the different strokes of messages available for us. Here we are going to have a look on the sections of SMS that we generally not use but are very expressive if we use them in the message part.

1. Best wishes SMS - Whishes are the blessings that you grant to others. Best wishes SMS is the best way by which you can express your blessing to other person. You can send best wishes messages on different occasions such as birthday wishes, diwali wishes, New Year wishes, Christmas wishes, exam wishes and many more. Greeting someone with message can be the new way and the best part is you can be the first wisher by greeting the person anytime.

2. Bewafa SMS - Sad messages, hurting messages, broken heart messages, unsuccessful relationship messages, broke up messages these are the few major categories of bewafa SMS. Bewafa SMS generally send to those people who cheat you in love or in any relationship. Bewafa is a Hindi word that stands for disloyal people. People who are cheated by their lovers generally use these SMS to make the person who is disloyal guilty.

3. Hurt SMS - To hurt anyone is very much rude thing; make sure that you should not hurt anyone intentionally. Hurt messages are painful SMS which express pain of getting hurt. You can send hurting message to the one who hurt you just to say that they are special to you but they hurt you and it matters a lot. If you send these hurt SMS may be reader can feel apologized by this.

4. Shayri SMS - Phrases and quotations are much in demand when it comes to SMS. The word “shayri“ is a Hindi word which stands for Quotes. Shayri can be of any type such as love shayri, missing you shayri, funny shayri, sad shayri, hurt shayri and many more. The only difference between shayri and quotes is that the shayri is in Hindi and quotes are the English phrases. These shairies are very romantic and have great meaning which can touch the hearts of many people.

5. Love SMS - The most required part loves SMS by everyone now days. Love SMS not only meant to sent between lovers but also can be sent between friends and families. Love is the feeling that cannot be expressed in words but love SMS has tried to make your feelings expressed in words so that the one who read can feel touched and loved by your messages. You can send plenty of love messages to your loved ones in fact love games are the part of love messages now days which can be really helpful.

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There are many lovely and wonderful best wishes sms to invite dear ones. Hurt Sms, love sms and shayri sms are the wonderful bewafa sms for loving and dear ones.

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