Some Things to Learn About Physiotherapy Equipment
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Some Things to Learn About Physiotherapy Equipment

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Physiotherapist is also known as a physical therapist, can provide care manually or using instrument or electrical devices to support the care and support for the recovery of his patients. Physiotherapy equipment works to remove pain and healing of joints and muscles. Some devices will also make the patient comfortable during the visit of a physiotherapist.

Some of the common physiotherapy equipment is physiotherapy chair, couch, bed and table. A cushioned flat bench with head support is also used as physiotherapy equipment. The reasons to use these points are that they are adjustable, and the patient can lie on the stomach or back, as required. It can also be different degrees of folding chair or a table exercise. This device allows the therapist to make the patient comfortable during the study and diagnosis. The same equipment is also used for testing that is performed during the patient, and massage therapy.

There are also some equipment such as Scales for the hands and legs practice, exercise balls, and elastics bands that are also element of physiotherapy equipment. A big ball filled with air and attached to a small stool set on rollers with back support id is used for exercises that require support. This helps contain the load that would otherwise be felt in the spine and back.

Physiotherapy equipment, such as trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, also called TENS is used to reduce the acute and chronic pain. TENS offers short-term relief of pain without resorting to drugs, sleeping pills and injections. This machine produces small electrical impulses that are sent to the nerves. These electrical impulses block pain signals to reaching the brain. It is believed that increasing the amount of endorphins in the brain arises. Laptop models of this device are available in the form of portable devices that are battery operated.

The equipment used to perform ultrasound and electrotherapy is also important to the physiotherapist. A round sticks pocket or probe used in ultrasound. This device is connected to the patient’s body by keeping the skin with ultrasound gel. The probe sends ultrasound through the skin. This equipment is very useful in providing drugs under the skin, without involving injections. The same equipment can also be useful in the production of heat from the tissues to relieve pain and muscle relaxation and the relaxation of the tissues, producing a pulse without heat. Ultrasound rods can be fixed with an electronic device connected to an even greater carriage for easy handling.

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