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Something you may not know about StarCraft

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The StarCraft is a game that was developed and published by the blizzard entertainment. The Blizzard entertainment is a known American video game developer. The blizzard entertainment is also known for publishing games. The blizzard entertainment was founded by Michael Morhaime, Frank Pearce and Allen Adam. These three graduates of the ULCA founded this company on february8, 1991. The company was first gone with the name of Silicon and Synapse. On 1994 the company became the Blizzard entertainment. The blizzard entertainment created a lot of successful pc games like the warcraft series, the Diablo series, and the StarCraft series. In 1994 the blizzard entertainment released their breakthrough point game. After the smashing hit of warcraft: orcs and humans and they started to go only up and up. The StarCraft is a military science fiction game and blizzard entertainment developed it. This is the first game of the StarCraft series. The game was firstly released only for pc on Microsoft windows on March 31 in 1998. And because it became a smashing hit all over the world, the blizzard entertainment released a Mac OS version of the game in March 1999.

The success also encouraged the blizzard entertainment to release the game on the Nintendo 64 platform. And they published the game for Nintendo on 13 June, 2000. The story of the game came from a novel. The game is based on the fighting of three species of Milky Way galaxy that fight for dominating an area of the galaxy. The Terrans, the Zergs and the Prottos are the names of those. Among them the Terrans are the humans who were exiled from the earth. The game is one of the most important games in the history of the games. It was a strategy game and it raised the level of the real time strategy games. That is why people even now seek the game and the StarCraft CD KEY. The starcraft cd key is needed to play the game as the game doesn’t installs without the StarCraft CD KEY. The StarCraft CD KEY can’t be found in the internet as the blizzard entertainment is very careful about piracy. So you have to buy the game to get the starcraft cd key and play the game. I can assure you this game will not disappoint you and you will be able to know about the real time strategy game of that time and really enjoy.

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