Sometimes Dream Is a Gold Mine
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Sometimes Dream Is a Gold Mine

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Sometimes, we all image what is dream. The Result of this quest is that: originally dream is always a gold mine yet to be discovered and opened.

People who are familiar with the geology all know that gold mine belongs to the associated mine, whose existence is very scarce. Few people can find its exact location and it is very difficult to find to mine, because gold digger may face a big problem, which is a severe test of the volcano. So each of us will encounter this kind of hardships and challenges in the realization of a dream process, but patience is a precisely a volcano that is beyond the dreams, only people who know how to endure can mine the dream of gold ultimately.

In the eighties and nineties in last century, there are many people eager to get rich. Carrying the seeds of dream, they leave home for fighting. Decades later, there are successful entrepreneurs; there are also some people who are still hard working; and some people are baffled and hard to run. We will ask why different people have totally diverse results under the same opportunities. In fact, the most basic reason is whether we are patient and stick to it.

Looking at the success of those predecessors, we should have the courage and desire to achieve our dreams. Now, I am still confused. I am wandering in the crossroads between loves and being loved, I don’t know which stop I could sail next. I remember when I was young, I want to pursue a dream to run around outside the school in the rural village. I still remember mother told me to put on the warm jacket in the cold weather; remember walking slowly in the street covered with maple leaves in campus. But after graduation, I need to face the society by myself. It is impossible to rely on others, and only through my own efforts could my dreams be come true.

Everyone has his own dream. But have you realized them? After years of efforts, I inadvertently placed myself in the ranks of such a gold digger; I hope to realize my dram early after hard work and sweating.

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