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Sonic Generations PS3 Game Review

Published by: Sandra Prior (55)
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SEGA has finally got it right this time. Sonic has been re-developed and now this platform game has been made into the most exciting platforming seen to date. The game is fast and full of excitement.

Fans who have been playing sonic for the last 20 years may not be around this time to see it perfected. That’s a shame. But newcomers will certainly be impressed with the blue hero. This story pays homage to all the games in the past. This time sonic battles an enemy who is hell bent on destroying time itself. All nine sonic games are there, so all 20 years of sonic have been rolled into one.

The graphics have received a new facelift and the playgrounds are beautiful and aesthetically recreated to make this the best looking sonic of all time. This time sonic is a 3D character, compared to the flat image of yesteryear. He is a lovable character and you will fall in love instantly with his new image. The game is fast and you need to speed through the levels at record time if you want to win. You still have to open boxes to reveal the contents as you did in 1991.

This time sonic is older and more mature. He certainly has grown up. He still has the flamboyance of a kid and his energy is boundless. He moves with blazing speed to kill all enemies in his path. No one can stop him. He is a superhero and skateboarder rolled into one. His speed breaks the speed barrier, so it may be a good thing that players of 1991 have passed on. Let the new kids on the block enjoy this fast paced action game. Your weapon arsenal is packed with modern day shooters and launches to give you the edge in your battle against evil. 

The game isn’t perfect though. The controls are a bit shaky. Sometimes the character can stop and wander for a bit too long, but hey, you can’t expect everything in life to be perfect, can you? 

You may find yourself bumping into walls and buildings and falling around too much when you start the game. But perseverance favors the brave and before long you will have the hang of it. Unfortunately, there are only four bosses in the game and this may be disappointing. The boss fights are too short and this is a pity.

Sonic has finally come of age in the last sequel. There are secret levels to unlock and your skill will be tested to the max. This game is generally suited for hard core platform lovers, but even if you are new to the genre it may appeal to you. 

The storyline is complete and full of surprises and there are very little flaws to complain about. Sonic Generations is a game that will appeal to almost anyone.

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