Sources for Buying Genuine Antiques
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Sources for Buying Genuine Antiques

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Antiques have a very rare and traditional design, which makes them unique. Antiques are works of art that have a high monetary and aesthetic value. The uniqueness as well as attractiveness of antiques are what make  themso desirable. However, they are not adequately available in markets. The rarest antiques such as antique clock, antique chandelier, antique jewelry, antique wardrobe etc.,are only to be seen in museums and art galleries.

When acquiring antiques, the selection of a trustworthy source is necessary.There are a number of factors that one needs to keep in mind before purchasing antiques. Many antique stores provide replica antiques in place of genuine ones. These replicas can look very similar to the original work and are hard to distinguish.

Considering these risks, it is very important thatantiques always be purchased from a genuine and trusted source.Genuine antiques can be purchased from authentic antique stores, online stores and from other antique collectors and auctionhouses.

Certified antique shops:

Authenticand certified antique shops/ stores are considered to be among thebest sourcesfor purchasing antiques. Some of these stores are very old and have been selling antiques for decades. A list of such stores can be found in your yellow pages or other local directories. These stores are considered to be highly respectableby peoplewho buy antiques. They carryappealing collections of unique antiques from different locations and eras. These stores have a dedicated section for eachtype of antique like clocks, furniture, etc.,and only provideauthentic collections

Online stores:

Another good way to buy antiques is through theinternet. Online stores supply a wide collection of antique itemswith accompanying pictures and details. Theyoffercollectors a hassle free shopping experience. These stores facilitate online purchasing of antiques and also committo the safe and fast delivery of the purchased items.

Auction houses:

An auction houseis another reputable andadvantageous source for finding antiques. The savvy collectorcan find some great deals on antiques at auctions.

True antique lovers don’t bother payinga high price to acquirea desirablepiece, although the real value of an antique isalways priceless.

Robert Beauchamp - About the Author:

Bob Beauchamp, founder of R. Beauchamp Antiques, established his business in 1969 and has 40 years of experience in antique dealing. Bob has worked hard to keep up with the current styles and demands of his customers. Today, owners Bob and Michelle Beauchamp provide to their clientele the widest possible selection of fine Continental antique furniture such as antique dining table, antique chandeliers, antique wardrobe etc., along with antique statues, copper and brass statues, antique mirrors and antique lighting. R. Beauchamp Antiques has the area's largest selection of 18th-20th Century European antique furniture, Chicago antique furniture, Chicago antiques, accessories, and outdoor garden items with over 20,000 square feet of the finest quality inventory.

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