Spice Up Your Party with Paella Pan Hire
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Spice Up Your Party with Paella Pan Hire

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Parties are very important social functions. People always hope their party will be a big success which is talked about for months afterwards. Being a good host is a big responsibility. There are so many things which must be done to ensure your party is a big success. Aside from entertainment, probably the biggest factor in determining the success of your party is catering, but catering for a large number of people is never an easy task, that is, unless you have access to a paella pan hire company.

What Is Paella?

Paella is a rustic rice dish which was first prepared in Valencia, Spain.  The dish traditionally contains white rice, green vegetables, meat such a rabbit or chicken, land snails and beans; however, mixed paella is more typically eaten by those outside Valencia. This contains a more free mixture of meat (typically chicken) fish and sea food such as prawns, shrimp and mussels, with mixed vegetables ad beans.

Why Choose Paella?

Paella is a tasty and popular dish which most of us will be familiar with. By serving it at your party or function, it will show that you have put a lot of thought into preparation; instead of going for the usual finger buffet of sandwiches and sausage rolls, which can be quite tiresome.

Paella is a one pan dish and this means that you can quickly and simply cook large quantities of delicious food which will feed all of your guests and as it is a dish filled with rice, fish and chicken, it is sure to leave them fully satiated at the end of the evening.

Paella would also be a great choice for anyone who is throwing Mediterranean themed party, as it is one of the signature dishes of that region.

Hiring A Paella Pan

There are several pan hire companies around the UK. They offer various pans for hire; generally for special occasions and large functions.  Paella pans come in a range of different sizes, so it is important to ensure you choose a pan large enough to feed all of your guests adequately.

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