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Spices in India and its suppliers

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Indian food is popular all around the world. Spices make the food quite special by adding its aroma and flavors. India is the “Land of spice”. These spices not only forms important ingredient in Indian cousins but also acts as a natural medicine to cure many skin related problems; they are used as fragrances and are used in preparation of natural oils. There are around 80 Cooking Spices and pepper, fenugreek, turmeric, fennel, chili, ginger, clove, celery, cardamom, cumin, cassia, nutmeg, mace are few of them.

India is known for its diversity and it is blessed with both warm as well as cold climate in different parts of the county. This kind of tropical climate helps in cultivation of spices to a great extent. Spices in India are broadly categorized in 5 categories, namely major spices, seed spices, tree spices, herbal spices and miscellaneous spices. All these categories require different kind of climatic conditions. India is bestowed with a great agro climate which enhances the growth of the spices. Due to its great yield, spices form a major component of the Indian exports. Spices Suppliers in India are doing a great job in adding to the national income of India.

There are large numbers of Spices Suppliers in India both small players as well as big players who provide with variety of spices. Spices are used in their raw form as well as processed form. Raw form consists of whole spices which are normally used for aroma. In case of processed form spices are grounded and made into powder form. These are used for taste as well as aroma. There is various methodology and techniques by which spices are grown. There are inorganic spices and organic spices. Inorganic spices mostly make use of fertilizers and pesticides to increase the yield whereas in case of organic spices the produce is completely natural.

Organic spices are produced under strict norms and conditions in natural environment. Due to this reason the Spices Suppliers in India charge a higher rate for organic spices. The demand for organic spices is tremendously increasing in the international market. We are blessed to be born in a country like India which has a high agro supply. Now a day’s people have realized the importance of ayurveda which helps in curing aliments with the help of naturopathy. Naturopathy makes use of whole spices which play a very vital role in cleansing the body and making it impurity free. To conclude one must try and make use of the natural environment and realize the importance of spices and agro based products for a healthy lifestyle.

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