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Starhawk PlayStation 3 Action Game

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Today I am going to talk about Starhawk, the upcoming PS3 exclusive game of 2012. Starhawk is the sequel to Warhawk, developed under the supervision of LightBox Interactive. It is a third-person shooter game combining frenetic shooting action with real-time strategy elements. The exclusive feature of Starhawk is the structural placement that allows you to organize structures for your team - anything from walls to bunkers, wherever you want to get that tactical edge. For aerial combat, you have all sorts of jets, mechs, and jeeps.

About Starhawk

Starhawk is a story about two human races. Rifters, who mine for the rift energy, and the Outcasts, a callous genus of humans transformed into psychotic monsters by the rift energy. The Outcasts could slay anyone trying to harvest the rift energy.

The protagonist of the game is Emmett Graves, a hired gunslinger. The society starts to detest Graves since his corruption on exposure to the rift energy. However, he is still able to remain considerably humane. The gamers can play the role of Graves, who goes back to his home in White Sands on planet Dust. There, he faces a bizarre outlaw and his band of outcasts, and finds that his mission means a lot more to him. His attachment is more intense than he could have ever anticipated. Eventually, he takes an important decision of protecting his family and the ones he swore to protect!


Starhawk, as stated earlier, is a successor to 2007’s Warhawk. It includes a single player story mode that was once used for Warhawk, but was removed for some reasons. The game features a new “Build and Battle System“ allowing the players to build any kind of structures like bunkers, defenses, etc., and suffices their team needs by giving a feeling of real-time strategy. The game also features special flying mechs and 32 player online battles.

Starhawk is one of the most awaited games of 2012 as it features a host of armaments and a large number of vehicles for fast-paced action warfare, pooled with powerful vehicular warfare on both land and air. The game’s inventive “Build and Battle“ system allows the players to adjust on-screen action by varying the dynamics of the combat, the way they want. Cool features like classy architecture of the ps3 system, immediate customization provided by “Build and Battle“ system, and the breadth of the gameplay, is all that makes Starhawk one of the most promising games of 2012.

The development team has done a great job to give the players a pragmatic sense of actually being in a battleground. The state-of-the-art visual technologies, pulsating characters and atmosphere, combined with dynamic lighting effects, makes it somewhat different and special from other action games. Starhawk also provides a powerful online mode, where players can battle head to head in 32 player matches. The gameplay includes up to 4 players in online and offline cooperative play, and split screen gameplay within multiplayer and co-op modes against an endless attack of enemies.

Besides, Starhawk utilizes a host of online community features that allow players to stay connected all the time. Players can seek clan support with supplementary friend lists and instant match options. They can receive updates about community’s events calendar, ticker tape snippets, and a Starhawk android application. This android app allows users to keep track of friends and game statistics when they are offline.

Starhawk Features

  • Power packed Air, Ground & Vehicular Warfare – Enjoy a thrill-packed battle on ground, vehicles and in the air, by choosing from an arsenal of powerful warfare arms.
  • Original Build & Battle System – Use any weapon from the arsenal and turn the wind of battle to your side.
  • Single Player Campaign – Fight against enemies and safeguard your homeland by playing Emmett Graves in this brutal battle.
  • Epic 32 Player Battle – Engage your enemies in vast battlefields. Personalize look and feel of the game, and customize the skin for characters and vehicles exactly as you want.
  • Co-op Modes (Online and Offline) – Include your friends via co-op modes, and battle against your enemies to defend your claim against them.
  • Rich Online Community Features – Get that extra edge by using a set of enhanced community features. Keep yourself updated with community events calendar, android applications, and lot more.

To sum up, I think Starhawk will be a groundbreaking success. If you consider Warhawk as a success, then Starhawk is certainly poised for greater triumph!

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