Steps on How to Obtain a Summon Charger for Your World of Warcraft Paladin
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Steps on How to Obtain a Summon Charger for Your World of Warcraft Paladin

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Summon Charger is an epic version of the Warhorse mount only available to Paladins at level 40 with the Journeyman Riding skill and the Summon Warhorse ability learned. The quest was available prior to patch 4.0.1 at level 60 and gave the same rewards. 

Before you can begin the quest to obtain a Charger, your Paladin needs to reach level 40 and have 600 wow gold. This quest can still be accomplished at Level 60. Also, the ‘Journeyman Riding’ skill and the ‘Summon Warhorse’ ability should already be learned by your Paladin to earn the epic version Warhorse mount.

Begin the quest by talking to Lord Solanar Bloodwrath. In ‘A Summons from Lord Solanar’, you will be asked by Bloodvalor to talk to Lord Solanar Bloodwrath. He can be found in a room underneath the Blood Knight headquarters. Accept Lord Solanar’s offer to sponsor your standing as a Blood Knight Master. In ‘The Master’s Path’, Lord Solanar will recognize your service and skill, and will offer to sponsor your promotion standing as a Blood Knight Master. Speak to him if you wish to accept his offer.

Provide the items included in Magister Astalor Bloodsworn’s list. Lord Solanar will give you a list from Magister Astalor Bloodsworn that is also required to all men in the order. On the list are 40 pieces of Runecloth, 6 Arcanite Bars, 10 Sungrass, 5 Dark Runes and 150 wow gold. Complete the task of demolishing the Scourge presence in the southeast of the border. In ‘A Demonstration of Loyalty’, you will be asked by Lord Solanar to get rid of the 15 Scourge Siege Engineers and their three meat wagons outside the gates of Quel’Thalas. To find and slay the Scourge, follow the portal connecting the Eastern Plaguelands and the Ghostlands. Continue treading the road to the south until the hills to your left disappears.

Complete the three ‘True Masters of the Light’ quests. As a test to prove that you possess incredible Light wielding and weaving, you will be asked by Lord Solanar to complete three True Masters of the Light quests. First you need to procure a vial of ‘Tyr’s Hand Holy Water’. This can be found in the library wing of the Tyr’s Hand Abbey. Next, Lord Solanar will ask you to purchase these following items: 1 Arcane Catalyst from Zalle, 1 Crepuscular Powder from Darlia, 1 Pristine Black Diamond and 1 Azerothian Diamond from the Auction House. Lastly, you need to defeat the false Paladins in the Alonsus Chapel. Using the Extinguishing Mixture that Lord Solanar has created, extinguish the chapel’s eternal flame. Kill the Paladin Aurius and defeat the five Paladin ghosts. After completing all the quests assigned to you, go back to Lord Solanar Bloodwrath. He will then reward you with the Summon Charger, as well as the Blood Knight Tabard.

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