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Steve Silver Company– All About Dining Tables

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Nowadays, choosing a dining table has become a difficult job. Not because you don’t have good ones available, but because of the wide variety of choices that you have now. Choosing the best design, size, shape and color is where your creativity comes in. The bestcombination will only be made through the compatibility of the dining room, its accessories and the furniture.

A dining table is considered to be the main furniture that every household must have. There is no substitute of a dining table in bringing the whole family together at meal time. You have a wide range of dining tables available to select from that suit the complete environment of your dining room. Along with choosing the right color and shape, it is also very important to consider the material of the dining table.

Once you have chosen the right shape and size of your table, go through the list of materials available. Some tables are made from solid wood like pine or oak and have a very rustic feeling. Others are designed in a more contemporary fashion and are decorated with chrome legs and a beautifully shaped tempered glass top.  Solid wooden tables are beautiful and reliable and therefore can be expensive too. You may also find flat-pack dining tables that are easily available and look just as nice as hand crafted wood tables.

At Steve Silver Company, you will find high quality dining tables that best suit your furniture criteria. We offer you tables that are crafted in modern ways and fit in every environment at a very competitive price. Following are some of the dining tables that are featured at Steve Silver Company:

Santa Fe Round Pedestal Dining Table – this special round Steve Silvery Company dining table is a part of our exclusive Santa Fe collection. It has a high quality pine finish and natural pine construction. It has a unique rustic style and is available with chairs to complete the set. This piece of furniture is available at a very affordable price.

Chelsea Nook Kitchen Table – this Steve Silver Company dining table belongs to the Chelsea Furniture family. This is a one of a kind table and has a very antique, traditional and stylish look. The light honey color adds quality to its extraordinary features. If you have wooden furniture, this table will best fit into that environment. It is basically crafted out of Brazilian Pinewood with a bright honey finishing.

Warwick Pedestal Dining Table – if you wish to experience classy dine ins, this table will give you that pleasure. Designed with wood, this rare combination of beauty gives the sense of durable and elegant style that gives a welcoming ambience to your dining room.  It has soft carved details and sparkling legs.

Microfiber Nook Table – this eye catching table gives you an experience of dining you never had before. It is crafted out of pinewood and finished with cherry coating. Having a microfiber nook Steve Silver Company dining table in your dining room or kitchen will add life to it.

Steve Silver Company Cherry Dining Table – adds the very decent look to your furnishing.  This sophisticated dining table comes with matching chairs that complete the set. It will not only add beauty to your dining room, but worth also.

We offer you high quality and elegant dining tables that will last for a lifetime. Go for it and you will experience many joyful family meals in the years to come.

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