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Super Nanny gives parenting advice

Published by: Dirk Rowell (64)
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Many parents who are seeking a full-time nanny or after school nanny will have seen Super Nanny in action on TV. Jo Frost shot to fame as a tough but fair childcare expert who enters family homes to resolve problems involving children.

In a recent blog on MadeForMums, she issued tips that may well be of interest to mums and dads.

According to the specialist, who has written three books on childcare, raising youngsters successfully is all about “sticking to your guns“. She remarked: “Decide how you’re going to parent and then be accountable for those decisions. It’s much more productive to focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want.

“I also want parents to realise that it’s all about enjoying the experience. Yes, there will always be ups and downs, but that’s all part of good parenting.“

However, she noted that it is also crucial for parents to avoiding being too stubborn to accept advice. Ms Frost added: “It’s gotten to a point where parents get defensive when other people attempt to give them advice about their children.“

According to the TV personality, she sometimes tells parents things that grandparents already know but have been too scared to say because they do not want to spoil their relationships with their families. The nanny went on to state: “We must learn to accept that it’s just advice, not criticism.“

Meanwhile, in news that may be of interest to parents keen to get a full-time nanny or after school nanny, Ms Frost revealed that celebrities sometimes call her with their parenting problems. She went on to say that famous people have the same problems as everyone else, adding that to their children, they are “just mum or dad“.

Since she first appeared on TV, Ms Frost has served as a source of information and advice for many of those involved in childcare.

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