Tarot Reading and Card Meanings
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Tarot Reading and Card Meanings

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Tarot cards are a highly symbolic deck of cards consisting of 22 Major Arcana cards, and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Arcana mean secrets or mysteries, which is why the ability to decipher the symbols is half the gift of the translator. There are also Minor Arcana suits which consist of 4 court cards including the king, queen, knight and page in addition to 10 numbered cards. The card reader usually places them upside down and asks the person receiving the reading to pick cards for a “spread“, which is a pre-selected pattern of how the cards will be laid out. A spread can be a quick yes or no pattern, a three ace spread, a Celtic spread or any number of other popular ones. After they are laid out the questioner turns over the appropriate number of cards for the spread and then the diviner, or card reader, deciphers them to expose the very mysteries the cards represent.

Each different card in tarot reading represents different traits, which are combined to give summary of events that have already happened, events that are happening and events to come. A tarot card reader precisely interprets the cards and works through symbolism. It takes time for a card reader to gain a strong influence on the cards, the longer he or she uses then the stronger the influence he or she has on the cards. A tight bond is created between the cards and their reader.

All you need to do is learn how and where you can look if you are gonna find the correct tarot card reading specialist. Most probably, you’re going to discovered that the kind of tarot card specialist that can provide you their own services at no cost are will be falling within one of two categories. The primary group is a beginner tarot card reader who is trying to test out and improve their tarot card reading abilities. The second is usually a tarot card reading professional who’s been practicing the art of reading tarot cards for several years. Giving a free tarot reading online, these two different types of tarot card readers have something to gain.

It is widely believed that these cards hold special divine powers and are therefore capable of predicting the future. You too can know your future with the help of these cards. So what are you waiting for? Unfold your future and lead a peaceful life!

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