Technical Education and Postgraduate Studies
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Technical Education and Postgraduate Studies

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Until the creation of industrialization, education was basically the privi­lege of the higher class. Technical education has provided a fresh dignity and position to the labor category and smaller class. New techni­cal education is viewed as vital and responsible as liberal education. The earlier beliefs that mind job is better than physical work has become exploded. Technical education is really a man able to going strong into the facts of lifestyle and gives before him a real image of life. These individuals can never ever work combined with unity as well as solidarity. Normal workers usually display a lot more union, firm and solidarity

What is the status of higher education in India?

In India a sudden expansion in technical education has taken place also, in the last five years, a significant number of research and development establishments have been set up by Indian and multinational companies. I think these two are going to be the key drivers for a sharp increase in Master’s and doctoral level students. Unfortunately, the younger generation has not sensed this opportunity and some how the education administration has not understood that one has to market oneself and inform the regular student body about the opportunities.

How can students be attracted to postgraduate studies?

We should have aggressive marketing initiatives. I always say that if we can give admission to postgraduate students before they get a job in an MNC we are in business, or else we are out of business. In a different context, the current market slump may be good in so far as postgraduate students are concerned. Whenever there is such a trend there is an increase in the number of postgraduate students.

What about the IITs?

As far as undergraduate programmes are concerned, they have been successful in selling their programmes. But, they have failed to attract the top 15% students from other colleges. And that is a significant failure according to me.

What are the emerging areas in engineering?

Energy is one of the most important areas. Secondly, there has been a significant development in new materials. Thirdly comes environment. And fourth is computing and communications. Transferring all these areas is the basic competence of design and manufacturing where a major shift is going to take place. So, far the Indian academia was analysis-oriented but now, we will have to be more synthesis-oriented in terms of technology development, in terms of creation of pattern, in terms of technology demonstrators and so on.

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