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Teeth Whitening What Products You Should Choose

Published by: RajeshKumar (55)
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The craze for teeth whitening affects women, men, young and old. This interest began in the cosmetic dental practice, where the price of treatment is particularly high (500 to 800 Euros). So today, there are lots of counter products available in the market. Are they effective? Are they safe? This is the question arises while thinking of teeth whitening

The effectiveness of such products depends on the nature of the original tooth color, defined genetically, but also by external factors such as consumption of coffee, tea, wine or smoking. The color also depends on certain antibiotics such as tetracycline, or an excess of fluoride without forgetting the old. And yes, as we age, our teeth become yellow.

Hydrogen peroxide

The principle of whitening kits based on the hydrogen peroxide, better known as hydrogen peroxide, or its precursor car amide peroxide. It is precisely the assets used by dentists, except they are much less concentrated for use at home. And the more they are concentrated, the more they are active and aggressive. Thus it is essential to apply on perfectly healthy teeth. A tooth replacement may be needed if the product is not applied perfectly and the tooth is damaged.

A preliminary visit to the dentist is required

Finally, if you opt for a home bleaching, you must consult at any good dental clinic before you embark on this delicate operation, which again may have significant side effects like hypersensitivity to cold or warm, tingling of the gums, irritation inside of the lips, dry mouth, salivation and bleeding gums? Meanwhile, dental hypersensitivity was demonstrated in 50% of cases. In addition, repeated use weakens the enamel, which turns so easily?

The progress of the investigation

Six kits were tested: two gels to be applied with a brush or cotton swab, two requiring the wearing of a splint and two in the form of strips to be placed directly on the teeth. Sixty-four volunteers, men and women aged 21 to 32 years, smokers and nonsmokers, have tried these products. The effects have also been validated by a dentist through a first screening, a second three weeks later at the end of treatment, and a third again three weeks later.

The final ranking

Side whitening effect and shine, the more efficient is Crest White strips Pro, followed by Signal Extra White and Colgate Simply White and Rembrandt Plus equally. 

Adverse side: all products have side effects, more or less frequent and more or less important. However, a selection criterion of users was healthy teeth showing no cons-indication. One can imagine the side effects most important in the general population.


Overall users are often disappointed given the promise shown on the packaging. For products with demonstrated effectiveness, we find that the effect lasts at least three weeks.

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