Ten things I hate about the world wide web
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Ten things I hate about the world wide web

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1. Advertising
I understand it’s necessary, and I manage to ignore it, as do most people. But when a website hangs because it’s waiting on an overloaded ad server somewhere it drives me up the wall. And while I’m about it, those massive Flash ads that splat all over your browser do nothing for your brand, they make me hate you. The more time I spend looking for the little “Close“ link you’ve hidden somewhere, the less likely I’ll be to ever buy any of your products.

2. Online TV, iPlayer, 4OD etc.
TV already has a fantastic tried-and-tested delivery medium – the AIR. You can pick up a hard-disk recorder for peanuts, so everyone’s got the ability to record, pause, and rewind TV now anyway. If they miss something, they’re just lazy – all they had to do was press a red button on their remote control, but they didn’t. Stop clogging up the internet with muppets watching the friggin X-Factor. Likewise movies on demand – just join a DVD rental club and wait, like the rest of us!

3. Dumb sign up procedures
I’ve already signed up for this, now it’s claiming I don’t exist and asking me to register again. When I do register again it says I’m already registered. ARGGHHHH. Blackberry App Store take note.

4. Too many fancy-schmancy scripts
Don’t load your site with a thousand jQuery bells and whistles, it only slows it down and causes your customers to go elsewhere. Your website’s about getting your message across, and making your information as accessible as possible. A few nice scrolly features is all very well, but come on, everything in moderation please!

5. Helvetica, overuse of
Yes it’s beautiful, yes it’s classic, yes it knocks Arial out of the water with its subtlety, but GUESS WHAT? OTHER TYPEFACES ARE AVAILABLE! Go on, try one, nobody will laugh at you.

6. People who complain about Facebook layout changes
You spend all day on it, and it’s FREE for goodness sake, get over it. I don’t recall the signup procedure mentioning that you’d have any input over how they run their business.

7. Websites that have only been tested on a Mac
Okay, you’ve made a great website, and your client (who also has a Mac) thinks it’s great too, so you send them the bill and run off to the Apple store for a new iPad. Meanwhile anyone visiting the site on a PC is treated to broken navigation and wonky layout.
I’m not into Mac bashing, and I feel qualified to comment as I own one (I use it for testing sites, my iTunes library, and sitting my coffee on), but come on people, web standards exist for a reason, use them and we can all live happily together!

8. Tweets for tweets sake
It’s hard enough keeping tabs on all my Twitter chums, but if you’re tweeting every two minutes, you’re hogging the limelight. Sit down and shut up for a minute. Or a day or two, preferably.

9. IE bugs that appear overnight
I’m not really one for dissing IE. All the bad press it gets is pointless – it’s still a popular browser (although losing ground to Firefox daily), so deal with it. However, when a site you were just about to launch suddenly starts showing tiny layout glitches after an automatic windows update, you have to question if they’re really keeping their eye on the ball over at Microsoft HQ.

10. Most emails emanating from Nigeria
I’ve inherited HOW MUCH! Do you think our heads button up the back?

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