The Ability to Withstand Extreme
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The Ability to Withstand Extreme

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A young graduate was assigned to an offshore oil drilling crew. In the first day of work, the foreman asked him to board the rig which was tens of meters high under a limited period of time to send a beautiful packaged box to the hands of the head on the top. So he held the box and trotted, and then walked on board the tall narrow ramp. He gasped to board top, and handed the box to the officer, but the director only signed his name in the above and let him back. He ran under the ramp again to send the box to the foreman, but the foreman also signed his name and let him give head again.

He looked at the foreman, turned to board the ramp, when he boarded the second time and gave the box to the head, he was sweaty and legs trembled, but the director signed his name like the last time, and let he send the box back. He wiped the sweat from his face, turned toward the ramp, to send the box down, however, the foreman signed his words, still let him send it up.

Then he was a bit angry, he looked the foreman’s calm face, didn’t try to hold on attack, but picked up the box to climb difficultly. When he was on the top level, his whole body was all wet from top to bottom. The third time he handed the box to the officer, the director looked at him and arrogantly said: “Open the box.” He opened the box, which was a can of coffee companion. He raised his head angrily, and his eyes were puffing anger towards the head.

Then the director said to him: “Make the coffee.” But the young man no longer bore it, threw the box on the floor: “I quit!” After saying these words, he was happy in the heart because of releasing out just anger.

At this time, the previous arrogant director stood up, looking directly at him, said: “What have you just done is called the tolerance limits of training, because we work at sea, we have danger any time, so which requires players must be very strong endurance to complete the tasks in the sea. But unfortunately, you have passed the previous three, only the last little; you have not drunk your coffee made by yourself. Now, you can go.”

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